Thursday, July 23, 2020

So, I'm a CIO now?

Well, I guess I am a CIO (Chief Information Officer) now…  The on-Campus interview seemed like it went well, and I got the official offer yesterday.  I start in a few weeks and have started clearing out my office…  The details leaving the University of Illinois are going to be difficult….  20+ years there and so a full career.  Need to make sure that I do it correctly of course and then starting a new job in Texas.   Starting at Midwest State University (, and so begins another interesting chapter in my career.


Packing a few things and I’ll be the “advanced party” as my wife and daughters stay up here for a bit…  I suspect that a cat or two will accompany me on my various trips down as we set up for the eventual final move.  The work itself looks interesting and it will be VERY different than what I’ve been doing here in Illinois…


Gaming?  Yeah…  I found a few game stores down there and EVENTUALLY I suspect that I’ll get in some games eventually…  Maybe?  I will have TTS I suppose.  But I suspect that time will be the thing I lack…

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