Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor day gaming and beyond

So, 1850 for tomorrow.... I think I'll bring something completely different...  Same base with:
Wraithguard maxxed for Troops

But then Scorpions maxxed out for a flank run
Harlequins with Seer and Death Jester to march across the table
War Walkers (BL/SL) x 3
Viper (BL/ SC)
Fire Prism
Guardian Bike Squad (SC, Warlock w/ spear)
Wraithlord (ML/SL or BL)

Not sure how it'll do, and the Scorps might be better as Banshees or a min squad of each perhaps...  Dunno, I really like my Scorps, so I tend to bring them a lot more...

Also gearing up to play in a team tournament in mid Oct over in Bloomington with Dave...  I'll probably bring my Fleshtearers...  I'll be the shock troops to throw the wrench into the works for the other side...  Dave can hang back with Razorbacks on objectives while I go forth to cause havoc...  And IIRC there is an Apocalypse unit that allows a DN to assault out of deep strike.  Now, a Death Company DN hitting pretty much exactly where I want it to on turn one to be followed by my Death Company with Chaplain Lemartes...  Maybe a Land Raider to hide them behind?