Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flatcon Results...

Well, overall, I have to say I had a great time, Dave was a great partner and we did as well as could be expected really...  I have to say the only thing I was REALLY disappointed about was the lack of painted armies.  I know I brought an army of "what I have painted" rather than a "this is my best force"...  Didn't really make THAT much of a difference overall, but as good as the Spartan class LRC is, I think we would have been FAR better off with the 3rd squad of Deathwing.  For 250+ points it just doesn't put out THAT much firepower and with Melta weapons all over the place, really quite hard to keep alive against a decent player.

I'll upload the pics I took when I dig up my camera, just a bit dead on my feet at the moment...

I fielded:
Belial (LC)
2 Deathwing squads (2 LC, 3 TH/SS CML)
Land Raider Crusader
2 Land Speeder Typhoons w/ MM/TML

Dave had:
2 Rune Priests
2 Grey Hunter squads loaded out in Razorbacks (Assault Cannons)
2 Long Fang squads (1 w/ 5 ML, 1 w/ 3 Plasma cannon, 2 MM)
Land Speeder w dual MM

Round one put us against a REALLY well put together Eldar/Ork force.  From memory they fielded:
min squad of Dire Avengers
Min squad of Pathfinders
6 man squad of Fire Dragons with Exarch in Serpent
Squad of Dark Reapers w/ Exarch (crack shot, tempest)

Ork Warboss
3 x 30 Ork squads, all w/Claw Nobs, 2 choppas one shoota
2 5 Ork Loota squads
Death Choppa?

Think that was it...  Mission was Dawn of War, they lined up at the mid point with a big mob and some other stuff, so we were in trouble from the get go...  Not saying that armies like the Deathwing have hard counters, but...  This is one my lads simply cannot face down successfully.  Good game though, but melta destroyed the LRC and we got buried in the green tide...  We didn't get wiped off the table, but it was really a matter of time I think.  His Warboss decided to duel Belial to his regret...  Lightning Claws striking first even with my dice rolling usually win that one...

Round two was against an IG/Chaos Marine list...

Lord Commissar
Platoon command squad (Chimera, random special weapons)
2 Squads (Chimeras, heavy weapons)
Leman Russ Punisher (? heavy 20 main gun, Pask for BS 4 and +1 vs vehicles)
Heavy weapon squad (2 Las Cannon, Mortar)

Sorcerer Lord (lash, force weapon)
Khorne Berserkers (1 PF)
small squad of Terminators
2 Land Raiders (Possession)

We started off slow, but when the reserved Land speeders and LRC arrived, things went quickly bad for them...  One of my DW squads marched across the table to take an objective, the other engaed and destroyed the Khorne lads and Sorcerer...  Not before Belial died though...  He was avenged as the remaining lads in the squad wiped the Chaos Marines and consolidated back to the objective.  I think the Speeders were the MVPs though, with Multi Meltas and Missiles to deal with the Armor in our faces, things turned rapidly in our favor when they arrived...

Game three was against a really well thought out Grey Knight/Wolf force...

Rune Priest
Grey Hunters...  Lots of them in Razorbacks and one in a Rhino, I think 3 Razorbacks?  Though his Fangs might have had one...  Las Cannons and some with Las/Plasma... Wolf Banners in every squad I think...
Long Fangs (5 ML)
Wolf Guard to detail out to the squads...

Brotherhood Champion
Storm Raven (Above in this)
2 Strike Squads (Psycannon, Psy ammo)
DN (Rifleman class)
?  Was that it?  I seem to remember there being more, but...

We started off with a big bang seizing the initiative and destroying 2 Razorbacks...  Then...  Well, things went rapidly downhill :-)...  His Purifiers hit one of my squads, their weight of fire simply wore us down, and it went "poorly" for us...

So, 1 and 2 for 3 excellent games against some very fun opponents...  All in all an excellent tournament.  What did I take away from this?  Well, pretty sure the DA are NOT the force to take to Adepticon...  Just too many hard counters.  I also did not read the force org charts as well...  If I had known only one Troop was required, I think Dave and I could have made a much better force...  Finally, I think that I REALLY should have gone far more defensive with Belial.  The TH/SS option is pretty much the only one that I think should be fielded.  Yes, I "lose" an attack and the I5, but I am hitting with the "I Don't Care" weapon in a Thunder Hammer and I have the 3++ save to try to stay alive...  I died twice in the Tournament to power weapon/fists because I couldn't make that many 5++ saves...  So, Grey Knights, Fleshtearers or Wolves...  Will have to see what the rest of the "Team" decides to bring...