Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eldar, Breaking the Kill Point Mission...

Mkay, so trying to refine the army a bit...  If IA is OK with the folks, the Fire Prism gets swapped for a Warp Hunter...  The D-cannon template shot is just way too good...  At least on paper, guessing that in actual play it isn't going to be too bad though...

Pathfinders (7)
Wraithguard (10 w/ Spiritseer to be "Troops")
Dire Avengers (w/ Exarch in Serpent w/ EML)
War Walker squadron (3, all scatter lasers)
Fire Prism

1500 points, 8 Kill Points.  3 of them are going to be bricked up in a ridiculously hard to kill "Deathstar" of sorts...  But T6, 3+/3+ cover save, eternal warrior in there somewhere and at least a decent threat in HtH...  Oh, and Fearless to camp objectives.  May even remember to start the War Walkers right behind them for the Guide/Doom combo out to long range...  Pathfinders to snipe, camp objectives and flank in kill point missions I think...  Play "keep away" with a fleet unit that ignores terrain and can enter play "later", seems like it might even work...  DA just cruise around from reserve and try really hard not to get killed and maybe even kill a random light vehicle or two here and there...  Might swap them for Fire Dragons in the Serpent just for more "we kill things" firepower at the expense of a Troop to hold an objective...  Comes to almost the same points for a much better shooting option...  Ah well.  Depends on who I play I guess...