Friday, March 30, 2012

1500 Point North Africa, Parachute Rifle Company

So...  I happen to have a full Platoon of M3 Lee tanks...  And since that's where my Grandfather started out, I'd really like to use them...  So a mid war Airborne company with M3 support...  Might work :-)...  Yeah, probably not, the M3 wasn't a particularly great tank, and Mid War, the US Infantry wasn't exactly at their top form yet...

So, from the North Africa book:
Company Command  30
Parachute Rifle Platoon (2 rifle squads, 1 mortar squad, Bazooka team) 255
Parachute Rifle Platoon (2 squads, Mortar, etc)  225
Parachute Machine-Gun Platoon (4 gun teams) 100
Parachute Field Artillery Btty (6 guns)  210
Parachute Mortar Platoon (4 gun teams)  130
Field Artillery Btty (105's, 4 guns)  165

Tank Platoon (4 M3 Mediums, 1 w/ long 75)  360

1485 points...  And the best of both worlds :-)...  Lots of Artillery.  Starting to read over the rules (side note, GREAT book, well worth the money), and Artillery might be fairly random, but the US rules are still pretty good for their guns...  Random, but Airborne operations are always a gamble, even in "training".  So, I'm fairly comfortable taking big risks...  Yes, my luck will run out at times, but the lads are Fearless Vets, and we'll fight it out to the bitter end either way :-)...  And since most wargames reward decisive, aggressive play, I get to play Airborne the way we were trained to fight...   Might need more Bazooka Teams though...

It'll be a starting point for me, guessing I'll get stomped at first and will have to tweak it out some...  At least it gives me options to play Mid War should that be where the games are...  Most of what I WANT to play is Late War, but that does limit things a bit :-)