Monday, July 11, 2022

X-Wing, Battle for North Texas Ep III...


So, got in an actual LIVE event…  It was the “Battle for North Texas ep III”…  Pretty neat, I think it was 24 players who actually showed up, and a pretty fun crowd all around.  The venue was the “Order 66 Expanded Universe”, a game store specializing in mostly Star Wars merchandise like their “parent” store.  Seems odd to me that there could be a store that sells just Star Wars stuff, but given that both are in VERY affluent areas it seems that they chose their locations quite well.


So, I went 3-1 and wound up in the top cut but dropped at that point.  LONG day and my back was just killing me.  And to be honest I did not think I would have been there, so was kind of planning on playing my four games and driving home…  The “2.6” rules are solid, and the scenario changes are all good.  There are a few things that I think need tweaking, but certainly nothing like what needed to change in the past…  My own list:


Fenn Rau (7)    

    Clan Training (3)    

    Fearless (3)    

    Ion Torpedoes (4)    

    Mandalorian Optics (5)    


Ship Cost: 7  Loadout: (15/18)  Half Points: 3  Damage Threshold: 2    


Kad Solus (5)    

    Elusive (2)    

    Homing Missiles (5)    

    Mandalorian Optics (5)    


Ship Cost: 5  Loadout: (12/12)  Half Points: 2  Damage Threshold: 2    


Viktor Hel (Rogue) (5)    

    Notorious (2)    

    Proton Cannons (4)    

    Mag-Pulse Warheads (4)    

    Cloaking Device (3)    

    Engine Upgrade (3)    


Ship Cost: 5  Loadout: (16/16)  Half Points: 2  Damage Threshold: 3    


Laetin A'shera (3)    

    Composure (1)    

    Ion Cannon (6)    


Ship Cost: 3  Loadout: (7/7)  Half Points: 1  Damage Threshold: 2    



Total: 20    


View in YASB 2:


Nothing earth shattering or even particularly interesting…  The new Rogue Class fighters are “neat”, but they are ~ the older Kimogila class (on paper, looks of course are not the same).  New toys, and I tried the tricky Viktor build giving myself a Cloaking Device to have him grab scenario points while hopefully deterring shots with his ability to give Stress if he does not roll exactly 2 Agility on Defense.  Neat plan, but it did not work at all.  He wound up being one of my heavy hitters in ¾ of my games with that Proton Cannon being brutal, hitting hard and denying the use of Green tokens with the Bullseye effect.  The fourth game?  Well, I messed up and a TIE swarm ran him over.  I DID win the game because the TIEs were great targets then with Fang fighters being especially brutal just rolling up to Range 1 and throwing 4-5 fully modified dice… 


Brings me to my conclusion about the scenarios…  They are important, but if you sell out on just playing them without much regard for “go forth and kill things” you will lose to someone who built their list around the philosophy of “I win if they’re all dead, right?”  Mind, I didn’t TOTALLY sell out for the “just kill them” thing, I had 2 ships that were supposed to hang back and collect those scenario points…  Just didn’t work out that way really.  Laetin was pretty much the only one that regularly did this, hanging back collecting points while taking pot shots with the Ion Cannon…  He earned his 3 points I suppose J 


What didn’t work for me was the Clan Training…  I used it once, and that was a “win more” moment where I could have just taken the Focus Action rather than the Salvage Tractor scenario action since I was at Range 1 of the enemy TIE that I had a lock on already for the 5 Dice fully modded shot to kill it with only 2 Hull remaining.  If I got full results, he could not avoid dying and Fenn was VERY likely to get that between the base 5 dice attack, Fearless, TL and Focus…  So, Meh on the Fangs at least as they have the linked Focus Action already.  I think on any OTHER Mandalorian ship it might be useful, just not here.


Otherwise?  Laetin was solid for 3 points.  Kad was surprisingly good…  I wanted Fearless, but Elusive saved him several times while the combo of Mandalorian Optics/Homing Missiles were amazing on his Ship.  Fenn was awesome in 3 of the 4.  Getting the early Crit that snuck through for the early kill seems to be a running theme, so swapping in Enduring for the Mandalorian Training seems like a REALLY good idea?  Maybe?  At the least it will be something I think will be useful for the 4 Hull no Shields ship…  Swapping Cad Bane in for Viktor gives me Bombs, a Crew slot and probably a better Pilot all around… 


Will see I suppose, pretty sure I am not going to the LSO later this Month, but another event at O66 next Month perhaps?

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