Friday, September 14, 2012

Random odd things, Techs and Jin Roh...

Jin Roh is one of the Anime ( that I really liked, the source of one of my favorite lines of all time: "Wolves only lose in Human fairy tales" :-)  The Infantry in this Kickstarter: REALLY remind me of the armored troopers there.  I'm going to be kicking in to get some of the lads...  Probably use them as "Storm Troopers" for my Praetorians, or maybe my Veterans...  The APC they are going to produce looks awesome, but I still have a Chimera I have not assembled, so there is really no way I can justify the $50 for that as amazing as it looks...  Yet :-)  If the things take off and they go into distribution, I'll certainly be ordering some through Dave at the Gopher...  The main part of the Kickstarter is supposed to be the Titans ("Leviathans"), but since I HAVE an ancient Warhound class Titan (Armorcast resin), and have started making another out of card stock...  And so $90 for a plastic one, while an amazing deal...  I cannot justify the purchase as I would almost never use it...  Now, should the game Dreamforge is looking to hit with takes off...  Well, maybe :-)  It sure looks like the figures are going to be amazing...

Looking at:

CPT Sariel (Tycho)
Death Company (4, Jump Packs, 2 Power Axes)
Scout Squad (10, 9 snipers, 1 Heavy Bolter or ML)
Sang Priest (Jump Pack or Terminator Armor?)
Assault Squad (10, Melta, Flamer, Power Weapon SGT)
Sternguard (Drop Pod, 8, 6 Combi Melta, Combi Plasma, H Flamer)
Baal Predator (HB Sponsons, TLAC or Flamer?)
Storm Raven
Devastator Squad (6, 3 HB, ML?)
Techmarine (Servo Harness, Power Weapon, pistol)

DN (either DC DN or TLAC/AC firepower DN)
Vanguard Vets with Power Weapons...

So, I can bring the regular DN and the Vanguard Vets, or the Death Company and DC DN...  With the Vanguard, I assault directly from Deep Strike, have DoA and can follow the Beacon down to assist the Sternguard and their CPT.  The firepower DN really does just that.  On the other hand my Death Company is solid for me, and I've fielded them since 3rd ed...  And being Fleshtearers, it fits the fluff I think...  We'll see I guess.  I have a few days to get to painting over the weekend...  I want at least a basecoat on everything...  And the Storm Raven is not...  Eh, I really just want to see what it does in the new ruleset, thinking the DC and DC DN will be terrifying rolling out of that and if I have to, bring it onto the field in Skimmer mode...