Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tournament Prep... List choices...

Well, I finally played the Necrons with their 3 fliers..  Damn, that was a tough one :-)  Good fight, and I made it a LOT closer than it should have been by just being stubborn and staying on target.  I also made a few HUGE mistakes.  Was the first time I played the "kill point" mission in 6th, and I stupidly combat squadded my Scouts and Assault Squad, giving up 2 additional kill points.  Also, having the CPT get hit by 4 bolters (equivalent, whatever the Cron weapon is), fail 3 2+ saves and make only one FnP to just barely live...

The small Assault squad I had parked doing AA duty got killed by Necron Lords on their super chariots...  Need to protect them better, or at least have 2 bloody squads there.  He wound up killing my gun later before I could re-man it.  So, keeping that in mind for the future...  The strategy of deploying the Aegis line and the other terrain...  Must keep the AAA near the center or I give up a big portion of the board letting the fliers on...  Balancing act, and still getting the hang of it.  The TLAC on a Razorback is "eh", it actually damaged 2 fliers before being destroyed, claiming a weapon and a few hull points...  But I do not think this will be sufficient AA coverage for my army.  Doing the Wehrmacht thing, and closing with the enemy, avoiding fliers as best I can, but a patient opponent will understand what I am doing and flow away from me...  Well, if they can :-)  I like my Jump Troops...

What I fielded last night:

CPT Sariel (Tycho)
Death Company (5, Jump Packs, 2 Power Axes)
Scout Squad (10, 9 Snipers, 1 Heavy Bolter)
Sanguinary Priests (2, 1 Terminator, 1 Jump Pack)
Assault Squad (10, Melta, Flamer, SGT w/ Power Weapon)
Sternguard (7, Heavy Flamer, 6 Combi Melta, Drop Pod)
Baal Predator  (HB Sponsons, TLAC or Flamer?)
Dev Squad (3 Heavy Bolters, Missile Launcher?)
Land Speeder or Attack Bike?

Aegis Line w/ Quad gun...

And it is more or less I think what I will field for Saturday.  The Attack bike with MM was what I ended up using, the Dev Squad with 2 Heavy Bolters and 2 ML...  Was "eh", but facing a fully meched up Necron force with AV 13 or in the fliers?  Not sure anything would have been better.  Though putting them near/in the Aegis line might be better...  So, a few things I NEED to finish painting for Saturday, but overall, I have a large, Infantry based Fleshtearers army ready.  Oh, yeah, I have to actually build a WYSIWYG Terminator Medic...  I have all the pieces around I think with my Deathwing force I inherited a few years ago...  So, a project to finish before Saturday...