Saturday, September 15, 2012

Revised list...

Wow, bit of a flashback there :-)  Apparently I had an older version of a post there...  So, looking like the last week for the league, and I have to get a few more things painted up before Monday...  Close.  Almost everything is painted to the 3 color standard at least, most of it is actually completely done...  

Thinking on it again, not at all sure I have the time to get used to the Storm Raven in a single week. I may well bring the Dev Squad, and maybe the Vanguard Vets, at least a 5 man squad...  Just to throw them in to dig out the CPT, hopefully on Turn 2 with the DoA rules.  Unfortunately without the Raven, my AA solution is not there.  So, probably the Aegis line with Quad gun.  Goes without saying, the Techmarine is right out.

Looking like:

CPT Sariel (Tycho)
Death Company (5, Jump Packs, 2 Power Axes)
Scout Squad (10, 9 Snipers, 1 Heavy Bolter)
Sanguinary Priests (2, 1 Terminator, 1 Jump Pack)
Assault Squad (10, Melta, Flamer, SGT w/ Power Weapon)
Sternguard (7, Heavy Falmer, 6 Combi Melta, Drop Pod)
Baal Predator  (HB Sponsons, TLAC or Flamer?)
Dev Squad (3 Heavy Bolters, Missile Launcher?)
Land Speeder or Attack Bike?

Aegis Line w/ Quad gun...

Pretty simple list, but effective and VERY direct...  Hammer, and hammer again...  This time with a few Heavy options to erase Infantry at a distance...  Armor I deal with via Assault Squads, etc...  Fliers?  Well... Aegis line I guess, otherwise I have no choice but spread out, hit everything else, get into HtH and hope for the best...  Feeling a bit Wehrmacht, with the complete LACK of air superiority, having to plan for that...  We'll see what works out :-)