Sunday, October 14, 2012

This week, league play...

So, lots of modifying done as I set up the Powered Armor Grey Knights with the correct weapons...  The ancient suits I have only had the Halberd, and the Strike Squad is almost always sword only these days...  So, my 250 point army is:

Strike Squad: Psycannon, Razorback with the TLAC and ammo de fromage for the +1 Str

195 points, leaving me a massive 55 points for...  Well, a Paladin I guess.  I might be overreacting to the game last week when I lost 2 of my Terminators to overwatch fire...  6 to hit, 4+ to wound and them me rolling a 1 on the Armor Save...  Once is bad luck, twice in a single game?  :-)  Well, confirms what I feel about a lot of the ultra elite armies, if you are forced to roll a lot, you might just accidentally lose the game.

So, not a whole lot more this time, but a Vehicle and a 2 wound Terminator...

Thinking I might go back to Fleshtearers at 500 points or maybe just stick with the GK for a while.  Need to get the converted "Storm Raven" re-assembled and painted, and I'll need to come up with a color scheme that will work for BOTH armies I have that CAN field the bloody thing.  Still one of those things that annoys me, and frankly mystifies me about the new fliers and the limits that GW puts on them with respect to who can field the bloody things.  Since the company exists to sell things, bringing out a new and powerful piece it would seem logical to try to sell as many as possible...  NOT to limit is to specific flavors of Marines...  But again, just an Engineer, what would I know :-)