Saturday, January 26, 2013

So, next week's Army... 1850 again...

Well, looking like nothing too bad on the rules questions I had...  So looking like this will be what I am bringing:

Command Squad (Banner of Devastation, Power Weapon maybe?)
Land Raider Crusader (MM)
Techmarine (Servo Harness, Power Field)
Deathwing Squad (10, 2 CML, 4 TH/SS?)
Tac Squad (10, ML w/ Flak, Flamer)
Tac Squad (10, ML w/Flak, Flamer)
Ravenwing Squadron (6 bikes, Attack Bike w/MM, Melta Gun)

Leaves me a few more points, and it is going to be a very "unsubtle" force...  Techmarine gives me a 3+ cover save to park some of the lads in...  Probably a Flak team, though maybe the Terminators against some forces...  Terminators can DW Assault in on one of the many Teleport Homers I have out there, or just hole up and hold an objective.  Everyone is a "Troop" selection, so I could potentially have 7 of them...  A lot of them a bit weak, but...  Plan is to park the Land Raider with Techmarine, Command Squad and probably Azrael in it at the front of my DZ...  The Tactical Squads deploy around it, preventing Deep Strikers, and giving more Salvo Bolters...  The Bikes Scout to the front to provide coverage there, and gaining the 4++ and making their Bolters Salvo as well...

Essentially, I have a metric crapton of Bolter fire, so it will be pretty deadly against Hordes...  Most Marines will have a fairly hard time dealing with the sheer number of shots they can throw out...  Fliers are going to be an issue, but can't be helped I think.  Just kill off everything else...