Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1850 Deathwing vs Chaos (Khorne)

Well, the League Organizer wound up working late so we just played a "skirmish" League match...  So, 1850 but not for flags on the campaign map...  I wound up playing Joe L's Chaos Marines...  Mission was Kill Points.   From memory he fielded:

Chaos Lord (jump pack, Daemon Weapon of some sort, MoK)
Jump troops, ~10 with a few Melta Guns
3 Squads of Khorne Marines, Champion in each, Power Sword, Plasma, Melta? 2 in Rhinos

Daemon Allies:
Blood Thirster
10 Blood Letters w/ icon

I brought:
Belial (SB/Sword)
Deathwing (10, CML, H Flamer, 4 TH/SS)
Deathwing (10, 2 CML, 4 TH/SS)
Tac Squad (ML w/ Flak)
Techmarine w/Power Field
Command Squad w/Banner of Devastation
Ravenwing Squadron w/Attack Bike (MM)
2 Hyperion ML turrets

I got first turn, deployed the LRC w/ Banner front and center, with the TM and Command Squad embarked.  The Ravenwing flanked the tank, and Scout moved to cover the front.  The Attack Bike moved to my Right flank to deal with the single Rhino full of Khorne hate...  Realized the Scout move is 12", so a bit more flexibility...   Basically, the Bolters (Hurricane and Bike) opened up on the Jump Troops at 24" range...  The Lord survived along with a few of his lads...  But most of them disappeared in a fine red mist.  The Attack bike zoomed up, got a penetrating hit on the Rhino and following that with a 1 for the Damage result...  Did that a lot :-)

His turn one was mostly just killing my Ravenwing...  Lord and remaining Jumpers offed my bikers, the Rhino dismounted the passengers who shot the Attack Bike off the board...  Not bad, but it left a lot of his Infantry out in the open for my next turn.  Speaking of which, Belial deployed with the CML/HF squad and they set themselves down perfectly to split fire.  The flamer caught pretty much the whole Berserker squad who dismounted to shoot up my bikes, Storm Bolters went there as well...  CML went into the Lord and single remaining Jumper.  LRC and Tac Squad shot up the Blood Thirster and my second Deathwing dropped to the middle of the field to throw a few missiles out there, but really just set up a second big, heavy Squad...  Basically, the Tac Squad shot their Salvo Bolters at the Thirster, it failed it's Grounding test.  Then the LRC and Deathwing unloaded on it...  It had one wound remaining at the end of that as the AAA did Jack AND Shit.  So, the "Roll lots of dice, looking for 6's" for the Flier...

Turn 3 was fairly brief as his Thirster died to overwatch fire trying to Assault Belial's Squad.  Belial and his Lord faced off and the Fleshbane combined with the Preferred Enemy for me was just too good...  Helped a LOT that his Lord only had Powered Armor, so the 4++ save was the best he had...  And of course, having had to weather a LOT of fire getting there so I think he only had one Wound at that point...  But 2 VP on that Challenge as Belial's Warlord Trait actually paid off.  His Drake finally showed up, I shot it twice with AAA stripping a Hull Point, and I think in 4 I hit it a few more times, but removed the weapon forcing it to Reserves...   Pretty

So, AA did it's job I guess, but it was a LOT more that I had primarily Terminator armor on the field.  The fly by attacks are not an issue, he didn't really have an answer for the Raider and the Flamer being AP 3 is not so scary with 2+ everywhere...  Have to say the Banner combo is absolutely amazing locally...  I may have to bring in a Librarian with an Auspex to remove a bit of cover for the Salvo to hit...

Next week is the 750 point mini game followed by the separate table for the Tunnel game...  Not so sure what will happen, but looking at another 11 model army, but Deep Striking in exactly where I want should mean I get there first...