Friday, February 15, 2013

1850 Tournament Sunday...

So, looking like I'll be making the trek over to Decatur for the League Tournament...  After finding out that my Mortis class DN is "40K Approved" and gained Skyfire and Interceptor if it stands still...  So 125 points for a pretty darn good AA vehicle that also doubles as a decent defense against things appearing from Reserves like say, Rambo...  4 Str 7 AP 4 shots can usually deal with him and put a decent hurting on Storm-troopers dropping in...  Not so great against Marine class armor, but can't have it all I guess :-)...

So, one of the bigger decisions I need to make is Belial or Azrael for the leader...  With Belial I play my hyper aggressive Deathwing Assault and drop in usually Turn 1 and KNOW I will hit exactly where I want, split fire if I can, but put a Troop that is darn resilient and impossible to break deep inside the enemy DZ.  Not a lot of disadvantages there, mostly just little things like a mostly useless Warlord Trait, NOT giving the high LD to the army, and only making Deathwing Troops...  Azrael gets to choose his Warlord trait, makes pretty much my whole army Scoring, LD 10, and...  Well, down side I am relying on Teleport homers to drop the Deathwing in and on target...  OTOH, I have 5-6 Scoring units if I go with 3 min squads of Deathwing...  So, kind of leaning toward Azrael for the leadership...

Keeping the Banner, Techmarine and Land Raider Crusader...  That combo is insane, and accounts for the "Horde Removal" portion of the list....  And it makes the flanking (flanking/escorting the LRC, NOT Flanking as in the entry mechanism) Ravenwing Bikes REALLY powerful shooting platforms as well.

Command Squad w/Banner of Devastation, Company Champion
Deathwing Squad (10, 4 TH/SS, CML, Flamer)
Deathwing Squad (5, 2 TH/SS, Flamer or Plasma)
Tactical Squad (5, ML w/ flak)
Mortis DN (2 x TLAC)
Ravenwing Squadron (3, Melta, Attack Bike w/MM)
Techmarine (Servo Arms, Power Field)
Land Raider Crusader (MM)

So, the army is my typical "Not Subtle" force...  Big, Heavy Tank, flanked by the bikes and the Terminators Deep Striking in around the assault element...  Just drive right at one of the enemy flanks or onto an objective and take it.  Hold until time runs out or the Enemy runs out of bodies to throw at us...  Doubt I'll win the Tournament again, but this force I think will be a contender...