Monday, February 25, 2013

Last shot with the DA for this League...

Looking like I have one game tonight and another makeup game for the Tournament that I had do leave early from to determine 3rd place...

So, tonight I intend to bring something completely different and probably silly.  List follows:

Deathwing Squad (10, 4 TH/SS, CML, Flamer)
Deathwing Squad (10, 2 CML, 5 TH/SS)
Nephilim Fighter
Mortis DN (TLACx2)
Mortis DN (TLAC x2)
Ravenwing (Melta, Attack Bike w/MM)
Ravenwing Speeder (TML, MM)

So, 2 DN and the Bikes are on the field to start, probably Reserve for the Speeder, and DW Assault the Terminators.  Fighter does the Fighter thing, and hopefully with the Mortis DNs keeps the fliers off my back. Guessing it is overkill, but I am caring less :-)  Might go to a TL Las Cannon on one of the DNs though...  Might be amusing.

On the hobby front, rebuilding the wrecked "Stormraven" I traded for a while back...  Getting some color on it and have it mostly rebuilt.  Just need to either attach the wings or figure out a way to magnetize them...  Getting some more of the Vallejo "Brown Violet" onto my ancient IG vehicles to make them consistent for my Praetorians.  Haven't painted many more of the lads, but I DID pick up some of the "Stormtroopers" for the army...  Looking forward to assembling some of them I think.

Honestly, I am a bit concerned that the IG are still overpowered.  Have seen the entries for the few rules contained in the "DftS" book, and they did not really change the IG at all, nor did they touch the Necrons other than to "remove" Deep Strike from both...  "Eh", honestly not sure I've ever seen a flier Deep Strike, there is simply no need if they can just cruise onto the field up to 36" without risk and get wherever they need to go...  Still thinking that the whole Flier thing is broken at the moment, and Allies are another major source of problems for the game...  But, we'll see how things work out in the longer run...