Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1000 points of Fleshtearers, take 2 (Now with pics :-))

Mkay, got in a 1500 point game last night against Bradly's Grey Knights...  He had a really good list, not quite as Meched up as his previous ones, but...  The only real weakness I could see is the lack of real long ranged firepower, specifically AT firepower...  But the HtH silliness and the melta guns everywhere on the Henchmen squads is solid if a bit fragile outside of their Chimeras...  Weight of fire is a concern as well as he can throw out a LOT of fire in the 24" range bracket...  Still, my thrown together list did fairly well, mostly due to the Medics (Sanguinary Priests) allowing my insane number of FnP rolls to keep my lads on the field...  I made something like the first dozen before failing one, and overall made something like 20+ in the course of the game.  So, I think the Medics are keepers...

Gabriel Seth was also on the field...  Did well, but his 2 big HtH rounds were destroying an Interceptor SGT in a Challenge and then wiping out a Henchman Squad single handed on the Charge...    He ran with a tooled out Honor Guard, so the Medic there helped a lot, but I think overall I would have done better with Death Company.  The Furioso I used in place of the DC DN did well, but the DC DN has Fleet and twice I rolled a bad Charge distance and failed the Charge...  And died as a result.  The DC DN in Assault would have wiped the Terminators and Coteaz easily I think...

Oh, and here's the Raven:

So, here's my second take at 1000 points:

Gabriel Seth
Death Company (5, 2 Power Axes)
Assault Squad (10, Melta, Flamer, PW on SGT)
Storm Raven (TL Las Cannon, TL Melta)
Medics (1 Termi, 1 Jump Pack)

Have to juggle the points a bit...  I WANT the H Flamer on the DN, so the Medic riding with Seth might well go away or lose the Terminator Armor...  I tried the "Typhoon" Missile Launcher on the Raven, but was pretty disappointed with it, especially given the extra points I paid for it...  Might be that I simply did not face a flier, but AP 1 and Melta is HUGE, and a free swap, so there we go...    Might bring in an Attack Bike in place of the Medic in the Raven...  Would LOVE to have a Chaplain, and may well swap  a Reclusiarch for Seth...  Hmmm...  Then the DC might get Jump Packs...  Probably not though :-)  Bloody expensive...