Monday, March 4, 2013

1000 points of Fleshtearers

Well, not sure this will work well...  Looking at the Partner League starting up, so here's my rough draft:

Librarian (Jump Pack, Blood Lance and ?)
Assault Squad (10, 2 Melta, Infernus Pistol, PW on SGT)
Assault Squad (10, Metla, Flamer, Flame pistol and Melta bomb on SGT)
Attack Bike (MM)
Stormraven (TLLC, TML)
Furioso DN (HF, DN CCW)

Not thinking it will win a LOT of battles on it's own, but I have an answer for first blood on the MM Attack bike and Jump Troopers...  The Raven can take it's shots at 2 Fliers/turn and they are the Str 9, 4 Str 8 shots.  Done messing around, I do not want to glance, I want penetrating hits and destroyed results.  AP 1/2 on high Str shots seems to be the way...

The Troops can Combat Squad, Deep Strike if needed, move fast and probably hold if needed...  I am concerned that it has no medics for FnP, might have to drop the TML on the Raven and maybe the Attack bike for one...