Monday, March 18, 2013

1K Team League starts tonight...

So, I'm bringing my Fleshtearers...  I toyed with a few other armies, and I think we CAN change it during the league, so not a big deal...  Just that the Eldar are nigh unplayable in this edition unless I am playing one of the IA lists like the Corsairs...  Even the Nightwing Flier they have in there is really quite good at 145 points...  But the IA lists are probably overpowered, and a single Flier is not so much fun to bring to the table...  If Pedro Cantor changed Sternguard to Troops rather than just making them Scoring, I'd be using that again, but the "tax" of having to bring at least 2 minimum sized squads of crap troops is just too much I think.  DA I just played, and while I think they are OK, the parts I want to play would not work well in small 1K games...  That and frankly I was tired of playing the same army every week...  There really are some things it does well against and some it is incapable of dealing with barring insanely good dice.  So, the game devolves to a "Rock Paper Scissors" game that takes several hours to play out, but that most of the players know what will likely happen before Deployment...

/rant off :-)  So, I am bringing a nice "Team Friendly" force, either my Roddy Piper force ("We're here to kick ass and chew bubblegum...  And we're out of gum") being the first:

Reclusiarch (Jump Pack)
Death Company (5, 2 Power Axes, Jump Packs)
DC DN (Claws of Eternal Combat, HF)
Storm Raven (MM/TL LC)
Assault Squad (10, Flamer, Melta, PW SGT)
Sanguinary Priest (Jump Pack)

Aegis Line w/ LC

So, nothing at all subtle, the Raven loads up with the DC elements and comes in to hit the enemy on or about turn 3...  Assault Squad and Medic can combat squad and hide in ruins/Aegis line...  The line is just the extra 85 points...  I COULD bring the Whirlwind at 90 if I really wanted to, but given the DA version @ 65...  Just no where really to sink those points...

Second is a straight up stand and fight list...

Librarian (Jump Pack, Blood Lance and ?)
Assault Squad (10, 2 Melta, SGT w/ Inf pistol and PW)
Assault Squad (10 Melta, Flamer, SGT w/ ?  Flame pistol maybe)
Storm Raven (TML, TL LC)
Furioso DN (HF)
Attack Bike w/ MM

So, nothing subtle, just bringing scoring bodies, a Flier to dogfight and ....  Well, that's about it.  Should be a good "half" of another Army for a team...

All in all, nothing TOO overpowered...  Should be interesting at least.  I still have the Death Company squad I won in the Tournament a few leagues back...  Might have to paint them up as Honor Guards...  Think I have enough DC with 25+ Jump Troopers...  Or I'd be happy to trade them for something else if someone is needing more DC...