Monday, January 6, 2014

1500 Wolf Legion list

So, getting the core of my force ready, playing locally against 30K and 40K forces…  Mostly 40K, but most of the locals are just fine with me running my weird ancient Marine lists.  So, VI Legion (Wolves) but pretty much just a generic setup.

Legion Praetor (Cataphractii Armor, Combi Plasma, Paragon Blade, Pride of the Legion)

Legion Veteran Tactical Squad (10, HB, ML w/Flak, SGT in Artificer)

Legion terminator Squad (10 Cataphractii, Reaper, Plasma Blaster, mix of weapons with a CF and LC)
  Spartan (Ceremite)

Mortis DN (2 * TL Las Cannon)


 I had been running the Forge Lord with the Rad Grenades in my 1850 lists, usually with the Siege Breachers, but seems like it makes the Spartan nigh un killable at times.  I like the Apothecary (Medic) in the big squad, so would love to have one in the Cataphractii, so perhaps a Primus Medicae?  Honestly I’m not really sure what else to do with the 200 or so points…  Any thoughts?  Thinking that 1850+ is the place to play Legion lists…