Monday, May 19, 2014

STAW: Tholian Web AAR

So...  Wound up playing at the Gopher last night...  My list was:

Resource: Federation Attack Fighters (20)

U.S.S Excelsior (26)
Jean-Luc Picard (6)
Montgomery Scott (5)
Tuvok (5)
Lojour (2)
Quantum Torpedoes (6)
The Doctor (3)
Ship SP: 53

USS Voyager (30)
James T. Kirk (6)
Cheat Death (3)
Pavel Chekov (3)
Antimatter Mines (5)
Ship SP: 47

Total Build SP: 120

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Went 1-2 but wound up getting the Tholian ship prize for 2nd place or Fellowship as I was voted the favorite opponent by all three of my opponents...  Not bad.  Game one Tim had a fairly similar list with the Defiant replacing my Voyager and his Voyager replacing my Excelsior.  He ran with the Transhasic Torpedoes which are Voyager only and a one shot.  The one shot IS 10 dice, but...  My Quantum Torpedoes could be fired every turn for a potential 9 hits, so I felt it was a better build.  Essentially, his T Torpedoes whiffed on the initial and only shot they had, and my 2 Skill 9 CPTs destroyed his ship before he could react.  My Torpedoes hit well and Kirk got to range 1, so...  His Defiant was cloaked trying to lay mines, but my own mines hit him the next turn and the Fighters finished off the ship.  The AM Mines are brutal against Cloaked ships...  So, it was a VERY quick game with both of us mostly just rushing to range and shooting it out.

Game 2 was my first encounter with the Borg...  Kevin made a nice 2 sphere list, and I have to admit it was fun playing against it.  My Torpedoes whiffed this time, and the Excelsior did not survive the experience as both Spheres hit it.  The Voyager lasted a bit longer and the Fighters were pretty good, but it was a losing battle at that point of course...  BIG mistake was forgetting that the Voyager's 360 firing arc is only range 1-2, so I lined up what I thought was a good shot that might have taken down one Sphere and...  Nope, no shot because it was range 3...  Oops...

Game 3 was against a Klingon build with 3 Vor Cha class Cruisers and Hideki Fighters.  The fighters should have been my first target as I did not realize they got big bonuses as long as they had taken no damage...  But 3 Cloaked 5 Attack ships with Battle Stations via "Defense Condition One" cards meant that there were a LOT of Offensive dice being thrown, and Cloaked they could not be locked on for Torpedoes...  My ships lasted a bit longer, but in the end, Lon played quite well and destroyed my fleet in pieces...  I DID severely damage a few of his ships, catching 2 in the AM Mines and just trying to shoot through the Cloaks...

What did I learn?  The firing the Torpedo every turn trick is "neat", but honestly I think I would modify my build.  Tuvok will be replaced with Spock.  5 points for the +1 dice on a Secondary weapon is not worth it I am thinking.  Spock would have turned my whiffed shots into a significant hit (I hit the Borg for all of 2 hits on my one Torpedo shot, the 3-4 BS I rolled would have been REALLY nice).  Scott was good, and I think he stays.  The AM Mines are awesome and they will I think become a more standard loadout.  Cheat Death was "Eh"...  Every fleet I lost to had multiple ships all pounding Kirk's ship, so he lived for a brief moment longer...

So, some adjustment on the builds I think, but overall I do think I did fairly well.  The Borg were REALLY powerful, but more so with the shrinking field, keeping at range I think I could deal with Faction Pure builds for now...  The Cube coming up might present a challenge...  The Klingon builds with the overwhelming number of Attack dice?  As it happened no one that I saw brought Romulans and Cloaked Mines...  Would have made it more interesting.  The Klingons are the one that I saw defeat the Borg with simple weight of fire.  Rush to range 1, some 25 or so dice being rolled before the Borg can fire?  Battle Stations and Target Locks for re-rolls, and conversion of BS results?  Pretty brutal and straightforward :-)...