Tuesday, December 23, 2014

First D&D Attack Wing OP event at the Gopher...

So, played in the D&D Attack Wing OP 1 this evening…  Was an absolute blast.  If there is anyone able to make it to the Armored Gopher, would suggest the road trip…   Was VERY close in all three games I thought.  None of the games were what I felt were too one sided really.  I played:

Red Dragon (Fire Breath)
Blue Dragon (Lighting Breath)
Harper Elves (Limnen, Reform, 5 lads)

I faced a list of 3 Wraiths (Named one, 2 normal, all with the upgrade to raise more Wraiths and life drain), a list with 2 decked out named Dragons (Copper and Shadow) and then Joe’s Frost Giant leading out the troop of Hobgoblins and a Ballista…  First game was fun, but the Wraiths ability to regenerate and raise more should not be underestimated…  Killed 2-3 of his un named Wraiths, but couldn't kill it in time.  Game two was a close one with me being able to essentially run my two Dragons into his and trust in the weight of dice.  The Red has a 5 dice attack and the Blue a 4 dice and 2 Armor for both…  Both of his Dragons had base 3 attacks, and one Armor.  The Elves for the additional 3 dice attack.  Made this a very “Klingon” list coming from the STAW world with weight of fire and simply throwing more “stuff” at them than they can handle…  Game three was my Dragons against an all Infantry list…  VERY nearly pulled it off, but the Hobgoblins and Ballista both getting 6 Dice Attacks with concentrate and/or Target for quality of fire are brutal.  Needed to run one flank, overwhelm it and then move down the line.  Got close, killed the Ballista and Giant while losing my Blue and a lot of my Elves…  He offed the last elf and the injured Red and my last retaliation with the fire breath rolled the 5 dice for 4 hits and a focus…  1 short of wiping the Hobgoblins…  J  Epic battle to literally the LAST figure on the board on the last dice roll…  Great game J…  REALLY happy this game is pretty well balanced and a load of fun to play…