Monday, March 16, 2015

And the Silverwing lives again... Also testing X-Wing Squadrons for the next event...

Traced down the Electrical issue I guess...  Major cleaning of some of the corroded electrical connections and fuses and the old bike fired up...  Some of those connections were pretty badly corroded, but for a 30+ year old bike, nothing unexpected.  Checked oil and air levels and got in a few quick rides...  Made it as far as Philo, keeping to the back roads and all...  Debating taking the trunk off and seeing if the rack/back rest from the Magna will fit on the Wing.  Frankly the trunk is JUST a little too small to actually be useful as a helmet will not fit in it, and the backpack solution I have that fits over the back rest can fit in a LOT of cargo.  Though, the saddlebags are also just a bit small for a 15" laptop or tackle-box for X-Wing (or any other "Wing" game), so not really ideal in any case, but it is what it is and it is what I have to work with...

Speaking of X-Wing though I am looking at running the following at the Titan Games SC later in the Month...

Emon Azzameen — Firespray-3136
Seismic Charges2
Intelligence Agent1
Inertial Dampeners1
Proximity Mines3
Proximity Mines3
IG-88B — Aggressor36
Fire-Control System2
"Mangler" Cannon4

Or perhaps something like this:

N'Dru Suhlak — Z-95 Headhunter 17
Lone Wolf 2
Cluster Missiles 4
Munitions Failsafe 1
Syndicate Thug — Y-Wing 18
Autoblaster Turret 2
Unhinged Astromech 1
Emon Azzameen — Firespray-31 36
Autoblaster 5
Seismic Charges 2
Intelligence Agent 1
Inertial Dampeners 1
Proximity Mines 3
Proximity Mines 3
Engine Upgrade 4
Andrasta 0

REALLY liking the Firespray with mines like that...  The ability to throw out the mines in so many directions and distances will be something that a fair number of folks will not be expecting.  Would really like to have the HLC in the first one on the Aggressor replacing the Mangler, but point levels being what they are...  Or drop the Cannon altogether and take another Pilot for a different ability and  perhaps upgrading the ships in some way...  Second one, I can see finding the 6 points to make the Y-Wing Kavil instead of a Generic Pilot...  3 Dice attacks that cannot be dodged are just THAT good when facing the things that cannot otherwise be hit...  And the Y-Wing with the Droid is surprisingly maneuverable...  N'Dru is frankly just bait for the most part.  Yes, he COULD put down the big 8 hits in a single turn, but really it is still just a Z-95, so one of the more fragile Fighters out there...