Thursday, March 12, 2015

Motorcycles and X-Wing... No real connection, but...

So…  It got warm this week.  And I have not one but two broken motorcycles…  Woo hoo.  Only one has a Title/plates, and of course that one has an electrical issue.  Weird one, I can charge the battery, then hook it up with the engine kill switch on and the key removed only to have the bike try to fire up.  Sounding like a short/bad ground, so I picked up the electrical contact cleaner and will tear the ancient Silverwing apart again this weekend…  Or sooner if I decide I’ve had enough…  Have to take the luggage and seat off to get to the master ground there, so it will be something of a project.  Will of course be checking the fuses, etc. first and having the nice digital multi meter should be able to track down the short…  HOPING for a simple thing like a corroded fuse, but given how that is the quick and easy fix so probably not.  But in any case, REALLY wanting to get back out and ride again, and the ancient Silverwing is the bike I have for that…  500cc engine, so NOT something I can really take out to an Interstate or on a longer trip…  But I really do miss riding in to work, hitting the back roads and unwinding.  Simple old bike, nothing flashy or fast but being one of those silly “biker” types…  It has been a VERY long time since last I rode…

Gaming…  Well, I played in the D&D Attack Wing event this week…  Won one of the Ancient Brass Dragons, so was fun and having more Dragons, especially the Good Dragons around is nice.  Picked up another X-Wing ship, the Aggressor class ship for the “Scum And Villainy” faction…  Another one that flies kind of weird, and it seems like you get rewarded for bringing multiples of this ship, which I am less likely to.  It STARTS at 36 points with nothing on it, decked out it is almost half of your points in any case so 2 at most for the “standard build size” of 100 points.  REALLY looking forward to the Firespray “reprints” hitting…  Boba Fett’s ship, gets new cards and stats to play as a Neutral (S&V), and a bunch of new Pilots and abilities.  Does not have the 360° arc, but it does have forward and rear 90° arcs along with some neat abilities…  Doubtful I can come up with something to defeat the current top of the meta ships, but I’m having fun flying what I enjoy and have been doing quite well competitively…  And Dave says the Gopher gets some in tomorrow so I will be picking one up, excellent!  Looking at playing in the bigger event at Gen Con, and with the pace of new releases from FFG being glacial when compared to WizKids and their Star Trek Attack Wing game, I may well be looking at pretty much what will be available at that time.  Looking like the big Imperial Epic ship will hit bringing much needed fixes to the TIE Advanced, but not a lot else has been rumored as near as I can tell…  So, for the most part, dealing with the things that are at the top end of the current curve will still be the things to deal with in a few months (Late July/start of Aug)… 

Liking the following build:
Ten Numb — B-Wing
Veteran Instincts
Advanced Sensors
"Mangler" Cannon

Corran Horn — E-Wing
Push the Limit
Fire-Control System
Engine Upgrade

Tala Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter

MAYBE swap the Advanced Sensors for a Fire-Control System and/or the Engine Upgrade for a Shield Upgrade…  Dunno, Horn with the Boost action is annoyingly difficult to catch, and regenerating Shields are REALLY annoyingly hard to take down.  Yes, have lost him, but the effort required and the fact that it usually takes a mistake on my part in there…  Ten is just there for the “I hit with a Crit” no matter what.  Another option is Ten with a pair of B-Wings of course for a slow and deadly force that just stays back, likely at range 2 and pot shots things out of existence…  Not horribly exciting, and hard to keep some of the top end arc dodgers in arc, but solid against a lot of things…

Wait, one connection...  The X-Wing game is one I can easily fit into the saddlebags on the ancient Silverwing...