Monday, October 12, 2015

October X-Wing League AAR

So, played in the Titan Games League, month 2…  I played my KAT70 list, and it did quite well… 
KAT70 (100)
Poe Dameron — T-70 X-Wing  31

Predator          3

R5-P9              3

Autothrusters  2
Ship Total 39

Miranda Doni — K-Wing    29

Twin Laser Turret  6
Ship Total 35

Jake Farrell — A-Wing  24

Lone Wolf            2

Chardaan Refit   -2

Autothrusters      2
Ship Total 26

Wound up in the top 4, so played a fourth game after the main tournament.  First two games I cleared the board, third game was against Tyler…  He flew Darth Vader loaded out and 3 TIE Advanced with Accuracy Correctors…  Well, different result J…  I DID get one kill the first game before time expired…  Jake was still alive…  With a single Hull left and flying as fast as an A-Wing could go…  So, slightly faster than a TIE Advanced….  He would have run me to ground if he had a few more turns, but…  Wound up playing the same thing again in the top four…  Went about as well…  But won a Kihraxz Fighter, so I have a pair of them now… Need a second Cluster Missile for the build I am planning next time…  Not sure it would do better, but there is a MUCH better chance of doing well against the things I have had difficulty against thus far.  But have a few weeks I think before I play that one I think...

The builds themselves were fairly interesting.  Tyler’s build was clearly the strongest, and being flown by one of the best players in the world…  Like I said, I was happy that he at least knew he was in a fight against my build J…  But, saw a few Dash builds either supported by Z-95’s or other small base fighters…  Only one sort of “Swarm” build with the TIE/FOs, I think 5-6 of them mixed in with at least one older TIE, likely Howlrunner…  Not sure, I did not actually face it.  Would have been a hard fight, but pretty sure my Rebel Regenerators would have been able to handle it.  Not enough to completely overwhelm me, I am fairly sure the 7-8 TIEs are needed for that.  NO 4 Y’s with TLT either.  A LOT of us built specifically to deal with that as that was the strongest new build last Month…  One “Brobots” build at least with paired IG-88’s, but it lost big against Tyler.  Still a VERY strong build though.  Saw a fair number of “fun” builds as people are getting used to the new stuff from Wave 7 and the new box set.  Han was still out and about, but with the scoring change I know at least people were aware that half dead is half points for those big based (and point cost) ships and saw a LOT more smaller ships overall. 

Not nearly so intense as last league, seems the split with Springfield cut the attendance from 20+ to 14 this week and while the level of play was quite high, I did NOT get the same feeling of high stress/intensity that seemed prevalent last time.   Could be just a few folks not being there or what I am hoping is a shift in the “feel” of the game there…  I had 4 EXTREMELY pleasant games yesterday, albeit 2 against the same opponent of course, but like I said overall the most fun I have had at least on the higher tables there…  I tended to play on the “middle” tables a lot more where the folks were playing for fun more or less and not really in competition for “the big prizes”.  I’d like to think I am a good opponent to lay against, and try to be as low pressure and helpful as possible of course…  But since my build and one of the other top 4 builds were pretty similar guess I’ve figured out some of the better builds in the system as it stands now.

Have to say, continuing to really like the X-Wing stuff…  They (FFG) steer away from stupidly overpowered stuff, do not release stuff very quickly at all compared to say, WizKids and they are not at all afraid to reel back some things that may have become overpowered…  So, I almost never feel completely outclassed at this point…  Mind, there are a fair number of ships that simply do not fit my play style, so I’ll not use them, but… 

  Armada starts next week and I have my 2 basic builds set now…  Not really a clue how they’ll actually do, but it should be fun…