Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Month 3 AAR (X-Wing) and Armada

AAR for the Month 3 Tournament…  We came, we saw and we got our asses kicked J…  Wound up playing the Poe/Miranda/Stress Hog list:
KYT70 2 (100)
Poe Dameron — T-70 X-Wing
Veteran Instincts
Ship Total: 37

Miranda Doni — K-Wing
Twin Laser Turret
Ship Total: 37

Gold Squadron Pilot — Y-Wing
Twin Laser Turret
BTL-A4 Y-Wing
Ship Total: 26

And I ran up against the one of the top 4 first (Will) running a REALLY well balanced “Brobots” list with a pair of IG-88’s, B and C.  Found where this list struggles mightily, it is the 3+ Defense dice with tokens.  Had both of his ships with a pile of Stress (at least 4 each at one point), got into Range 1 with Poe and pot shotted with the other two…  Poe blanked out on a 4 Dice attack…  It went downhill from there J…    Miranda was disappointing as she died first and I think without causing a single damage in the maybe 2 turns she was alive…  HLC hitting for 4 and no Defense dice rolling for me meant no shields then the second cannon hit (Mangler IIRC) for 3 including at least one Critical…  So, 37 points of “Meh”.  Poe was a rock star with his T-70, and easily the best ship I’ve flown in quite some time…

Second game was against something Tyler ran last Month, 4 TIE Advanced.  Slight difference, the 3 with the free Accuracy Corrector (21 point ships) and a Skill 10 pilot (Juno with VI) who had the Advanced Targeting Computer…  Not bad, I at least killed 2 of his ships, but it highlighted the real deficiency of the TLT…  It has a REALLY hard time dealing with solid ships throwing 3 Defense Dice…  Miranda did almost nothing again…  The Stress Hog killed Juno more or less on its own due more to dice flukes (hot Red dice, cold Greens).  Poe was dogfighting with the remaining 3 then 2…  He was full health due to regeneration of course..

After this, not a lot, had a Bye round 3, so got to watch the other games…  Watched a 4 Y-Wing (TLT, Unhinged mech) get tabled by Poe…  Yes, the rest of the Squadron died, but Poe was unharmed at the end, highlighting the TLT weakness against agile high PS fighters…  Brobots were a thing, at least 3 sets of them.  My Stresshog was one thing that should have dealt with them, but of course, lacking the quality dice J…  There was not as much variety as I expected honestly.  Poe was on a BUNCH of tables one side or the other, the YT-1300 was still popular.  One or two Scum Firesprays, a few hordes of Z-95’s and the TIE swarm or two… 

Going forward, Poe is a keeper if I fly Rebels 6 December…  S&V is a bit more open, I suspect the KavillKK build might be fun…  Or maybe I bring back a bomber Firespray…  Ordinance is probably something to look at, but needing to do steady damage to things that can dodge well will be the key I think.  Something to think about…  But I suspect the K-Wing will not be in the Squadron in any case…

Got in an Armada game last night as well…  Played against Mike running a pretty good Rebel list with 2 Nebulon-B’s and a Corvette backed by 5 Fighter stands…  Named B-Wing, Named X-Wing and a few generics.  He used the title that allows you to fire twice if you give a Squadron command, was pretty decent, but not going toe to toe with my Assault Frigates…  I had “Gallant Haven”, Weapons Liason, Gunnery Team and X17 Turbolasers on the Flagship.  Enhanced Armaments, Gunnery Team, ECM, and Intel Officer were on the other ship.  5 Fighter stands including Dutch (Y-Wing), Wedge (X-Wing, was also in Mike’s list) and Tycho (A-Wing).  Mission was one I had, but will never use again for this list I think, “Superior Positions”…  I guess I could get it, but the AFs are more or less built to circle the area and shoot broadsides at the enemy with no real thought about trying to go fast and get behind them…  If I bring more A-Wings, perhaps, but the Gallant with a Fighter screen was pretty darn good.  Kept my own Squadrons alive a LOT longer than they should have been, guessing he would have wiped most of them by turn 3 otherwise…  Instead, it became something of a draw on that with each of us having 2 Squadrons survive the fight I think.  The Corvette got killed early coming too close to the AFs, getting into range of both and ramming with its last hull point to do damage on the way out… 

Asteroids in this game are BRUTAL…  Hit one, got the double damage card and with the ram, the ship was half dead…  But I had planned for damage control, and with Garm Bel Iblis as Admiral, had extra tokens to perform good damage control over a few turns to get out of danger…  So getting the hang of the game I think, and Wave 2 should be shipping next week we are told…  This will eat up the last of my store credit at the Gopher, but well worth it…  Got rid of ancient Magic Cards and got an entire new game that I am really enjoying…