Thursday, November 19, 2015

STAW Monday then Month 4 of the League for X-Wing in a few weeks...

So, another STAW event coming up Monday at the Gopher and X-Wing in a few weeks for the final event of the Fall League at Titan… 

Will probably run Federation or Romulan in STAW, guess I’ll pick up the Romulan fighters…  For Romulans,
List Name

Resource: Fleet Captain Independent (Dominion) (5)

Scimitar (38)
Salatrel (3)
Interphase Generator (2)
Polarized Hull Plating (1)
Ship SP: 44

I.R.W. Avatar of Tomed (34)
Mirok (2)
FleetCaptain (0)
Cloaked Mines (2)
Ship SP: 38

Scorpion 4 (24)
Cloaked Fighters (4)
Hidden Formation (5)
Ship SP: 33

Total Build SP: 120

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Just need to pick the free Elite Talent I guess…

Feds I am not done with:
List Name

U.S.S Thunderchild (28)
Jean-Luc Picard - Tech (5)
William T. Riker (3)
System Upgrade (2)
Multi-Adaptive Shields (5)
Ship SP: 43

U.S.S Excelsior (26)
Mr. Spock (4)
Montgomery Scott (5)
Dmitri Valtane (3)
Quantum Torpedoes (6)
Ship SP: 44

Fighter Squadron 6 (24)
Ship SP: 24

Total Build SP: 111

Generated by STAW Builder

So, a few more things to add…  Systems upgrades and the like I guess… 

Have to admit that the more I play them both, the more I like X-Wing over STAW.  STAW does allow a LOT more mixing and matching, has a LOT more cards, factions  and ships…  All of which can for the most part be deployed ala carte and you can play your all-stars or “dream team”.  The problems I have with that and the game itself is that there is absolutely NO balancing of abilities to point cost.  Jean Luc Picard’s first card in the base set the standard for the most OP CPT card giving an awesome ability to whatever ship he is deployed on, free action (extra action) to get a Battle Station, Target Lock, Evade or Scan whether or not the ship to which he is deployed can actually DO any of those actions.  And for the same cost as any other skill 9 CPT…  So, at their heyday, there were a LOT of Borg ships being captained by JLP, getting around the lack of several of the actions he provided, more actions to their uber ships and a skill 9 CPT…  For +1 point over deploying it to a Federation ship?  Silly NOT to take it if you have the points…  The ship points are the same way, the formula is simply: add all of the stat numbers and multiply by 2.  For most ships, the “named” version has +1 shield, so is 2 points more expensive than the generic one.  Gets abilities and usually additional upgrade slots for free.  Mind, in a lot of cases, the abilities are “meh” at best, but comparing the iconic Galaxy Class Federation cruiser to the Enterprise-D?  The Enterprise gets a 360° firing arc (limited to range 2, and starting at 3 Dice).  The Excelsior gets a free Scan action (if there are no enemy ships at Range 1)…  So, again, kind of silly NOT to take the named versions if you have the points…  Exception for me being the Klingons with their ships being cloaked a lot, so the extra Shield is useless and a lot of the abilities there are less useful overall.  Typically my Klingon fleets are maximum attack dice on fragile ships for the “win big or die in battle”…  Then you get to some of the silliness like Fighters and Cloaked mines…  So many long rants out there, so I’ll not add another.  Just say that the best point to damage ratio I have used in about any game is the Cloaked Mines at 3 points.  And with the right resources, even less…  I typically use the “Fleet Captain” to add slots to ships and reduce the point costs.  Silly, but… 

Compare this to X-Wing….  Everything is well balanced, Pilots are limited to the ships they fly…  Yes, Crew cards can go to the ships that HAVE crew slots within their own Faction, but there is no crossing that line.  I have heard the game described somewhat despairingly as “Yahtzee in Space”, but do not agree in any way…  Yes, this year’s World Championship game hinged on a single turn where the #2 player rolled 5 blanks for his Defense roll and lost his ship to that damage combined with the killing blow late in the turn.  The contention was I think that it all hinged on that one roll…  Of course, STAW has the same thing magnified with the ability to trivially get 10+ Dice attacks with loads of quality (fixing, either via conversions or rerolls, etc.) where the Defense roll is “less relevant”.  Joe’s Dominion fleet usually has at least one BB, BC or heavy cruiser set to come in and alpha strike for the say 8-10 guaranteed hits.  My cloaked Klingon ship can roll its 4-7 Defense dice, but no shields while cloaked usually means that at least 4-6 are going through no matter what I roll.  With Romulans I can buy time with some tricky cards like Interphase Generator to just take 1 Damage…  Once.  Then I’d best have that ship dead before he lines up another shot because Joe’s setup is NOT a one-time thing.  So, not Yahtzee but a game won in the build with certain things just being THAT much more powerful and unbalanced.  X-Wing does have the “rock-paper-scissors effect” with a few powerful build types, but there is not one that beats everything else.

J  Kind of why I am in the “paint my army” mode for Warmachine…  my current main force is Rhullic, so Dwarves and Ogres…  Amusing, but definitely NOT OP in any way.  Yes, still have Cygnar and Circle armies, but looking at those I am more concerned that they are a lot more powerful and easily OP in some builds/ways…  I’d much rather lose a fun game than win with an overpowering list…  Why I stopped playing Circle in 1st edition.  Had a squad of Wolf Riders who were able to ignore coherency, could attack, kill something then move and attack again…  Stopping only when they failed to kill something.  So this small squad with a few buffs and bonuses could table an opponent in a single turn if they brought Light Infantry which was a fairly common thing back then…  Was unlikely to kill the other Caster which ends the game immediately, but they usually cleared 50-75% of the force in one turn setting up the killing attack…  Yes, these things don’t happen in 2nd edition, but it left a very bad impression for me, so I’ve avoided that force since.  “Rumor” has them working on the 3rd edition of the game, and as I see the things played, it is looking a lot like it was at the end of 1st edition…  So, I’ll just get my lads painted up I guess and see what happens in a few months…

Looking at running this for X-Wing:
EadenYPoe (100)
Poe Dameron — T-70 X-Wing
Veteran Instincts
Ship Total: 37

Eaden Vrill — YT-2400
Intelligence Agent
Anti-Pursuit Lasers
Ship Total: 35

Gray Squadron Pilot — Y-Wing
Twin Laser Turret
BTL-A4 Y-Wing
Ship Total: 28

So, Stress will be a thing for me to throw out there…  Not 100% sold on the Intel Agent and APL on the YT-2400, but it is amusing to get in among things and see what bumps me for immediate damage…  360° firing arc, large base and a maneuverable ship…  Likely to die of course, but should do damage on the way.  The Grey Squadron over the Gold for PS 4 and shooting before the mass of PS 1-2 stuff people are bringing, and to be less vulnerable to Predator and the like…  Poe, either keep as is or swap the VI and R5-P9 for R2-D2 and get the Regeneration effect on the reveal of a Green, so even if bumped or the Stress is piled on, I can still get Shields back…  Limits it a lot though, I REALLY like the focus on him in any case, so…  Amusingly staying with the Y-Wing, my favorite ship from the early Star Wars stuff, the YT-2400, the first ship my wife got me last year and an X-Wing…  Not what I thought I’d end up with, but it might work at least against the things I expect to see…