Friday, November 6, 2015

X-Wings Worlds, evolving meta and boots...

Well, spent the last 2 days watching the streamed X-Wing Worlds being played out up in Minnesota...  A LOT of really interesting builds, and spoiler alert the same guy won for the third year straight...  VERY different build this year though.  Gone are the 2 big ship builds for the most part, and even the winning build last year with the "Fat Han" was not seen in the top 16 that I could tell...  The "Palp-mobile" with the Emperor riding a Shuttle was there for the Imperials, looking like the Shuttle and a pair of really good Imperial Ace pilots.  Quite strong, but clearly beatable.  Good news for me as I do NOT play Imperials of course :-)...

The new T-70 X-Wing was in both of the top 2 lists, built more or less how I fly it with Poe, a regenerate Droid and Autothrusters...  There was a build with 3 K-Wings, Miranda and 2 Warden Squadrons, all with TLT and a Tactician to pile Stress up if they catch you at Range 2 and in Arc of course, but watched it destroy Ace based lists...  Ironically, the Miranda, TLT and Tactician is one thing in my probably builds for the next Event locally...  Regenerating, potential Stress and steady damage output...  Works well, and the 2 points I had left were either Dash Rendar crew for always clear shots (and shooting from an Asteroid if/when I land on one) or Tactician...  Given how much I liked the Tactician on the Firespray class ships, that was where I was going anyway :-)...  Nice to see my theory craft validated by one of the top finishers there though.

Still think my build is narrowed down to a S&V build:
Poe Dameron — T-70 X-Wing31
Ship Total: 39
Miranda Doni — K-Wing29
Twin Laser Turret6
Ship Total: 35
Jake Farrell — A-Wing24
Lone Wolf2
Chardaan Refit-2
Ship Total: 26
Gold Squadron Pilot — Y-Wing18
Twin Laser Turret6
BTL-A4 Y-Wing0
Ship Total: 26
With either the A-Wing Ace, a reduced cost A-Wing and boosts to the other ships, probably a Tactician for Miranda and maybe bombs?  Or the BTL-A4 Y-Wing stress Droid...

Need to have something to deal with Swarms, Ace Builds, Big ships and mirror Match.  The S&V has the answers to a fair number of them, but I REALLY like flying the Rebels...

A bit of painting done...  Expanding the squadron with the same markings...

Picked up some more Rhulic minis...  Ogres this time, so my Dwarves will hit the field with the equivalent of Light Warbeasts to go with the Heavy in the Bear, and of course the actual Warjacks :-)  We'll see if they are effective at all, but I bet they will be...