Monday, December 7, 2015

League final AAR

So, had the last part of the League at Titan today…  Did fairly well, went 2-1 and apparently the loss was not so bad of one and I wound up in the top 4 somehow…  Weird, I had my stuff all packed up because I assumed that lacking a 3-0 I would have missed the cut, but apparently Poe living during my one loss kept the MOV low enough to pull a 3rd place…  The list did really well, flew:

VrillPoeGrey (100)
Eaden Vrill — YT-2400
Intelligence Agent
Anti-Pursuit Lasers
Ship Total: 35

Poe Dameron — T-70 X-Wing
Veteran Instincts
Ship Total: 37

Gray Squadron Pilot — Y-Wing
Twin Laser Turret
BTL-A4 Y-Wing
Ship Total: 28

Eaden Vrill was REALLY good…  I forgot how annoyingly maneuverable the YT-2400 really is…  The 1 hard turn and barrel roll or the bumps to put that big base in the way for the APLs to do a bit of damage here and there, especially to the TIE Interceptors I faced…  So, thinking this will likely be the Store Championship list for the next go around…

First game was against 2 B-wings and Poe...  Shot down the B's first then chased down Poe...  

Game two was Joel who played  a Shuttle with Emperor, Vader in TIE advanced and a TIE Phantom...  Killed the shuttle early, he got my 2400 and Y...  I had his ships damaged, but not quite dead...  Loss, but not a complete one...

Game 3 was against 4 TIE Interceptors...  Fel, another Ace and a pair of PS 1 ships... This one is the list mine was the best against...  The 2400 was a rock star and Poe of course was good... Lost the Y, so not a complete victory...  But enough to get me in...

Great tournament, 18 players and fun...  Very laid back.