Monday, March 21, 2016

Armored Gopher SC AAR

 Well, 20 players, so pretty darn good turnout, not to capacity as predicted from the sign ups, but still pretty crowded.  I wound up going 2-2…  My wins were huge, usually in 15 minutes or so of the 75 minutes for the round…  The losses?  Not so much so J  But still a lot quicker…  I played:

SC 4 pre Rebellion (100)
Hera Syndulla — VCX-100
Accuracy Corrector
Autoblaster Turret
Intelligence Agent
Nien Nunb
Anti-Pursuit Lasers
Ship Total: 49

"Zeb" Orrelios — Attack Shuttle
Ship Total: 18

Gray Squadron Pilot — Y-Wing
Twin Laser Turret
Extra Munitions
Proton Torpedoes
Guidance Chips
Ship Total: 33

Now, knowing how the rules for the Docked Attack Shuttle work now, I would make a few changes…  But my plan was overall, bull rush in, hit them hard and fast and then hopefully coast to the win…

Played Allan first, he had a dual YV-666 build meant to fortress up in the corner by having one move the Red “0”, the second bumping but with “Wingman”, pull off the Stress.  Meant I had to come to him, and he kept the lane clear to do so…  I am not sure he was prepared for just how much firepower my list brings to bear, and with my dice rolling VERY well, I erased his blocker before it got a second shot off between Proton Torpedoes and the base 4 Attack from the Ghost…  And his second ship wound up taking the brunt of the Ghost on Turn 3 as he came out to pursue…  5 Dice Rear Arc shot to the face, followed by the now reloaded Proton Torpedo and then the Ghost’s Turret to finish it at the end of the turn…  Nothing much survives that, and certainly NOT a low Agility ship like the YV-666…

Game 2 was against Joel’s Super Dash and Ghost (the only other Ghost in the Tournament)…  NOT good for me with him winning initiative and thus seeing where I went before deciding on his stuff…  Dash with the HLC was able to do enough damage to the Y-Wing early that I didn’t have much a chance there…  Hurt his Ghost badly, but in the end, and not realizing that the Shuttle DOES drop out after the Ghost is destroyed…  Well, it was quick. 

Game 3 was against Jake…  TIE swarm with Crack Shot…  I lost, but I had him down to his last Ace, and I had it damaged…  The Ghost simply melts against so much firepower…  Mind, the Auto Blaster Turret and Accuracy Corrector was AMAZING here…  Killed a TIE a turn while I lived at least…  This was one of the Hard Counters I expected, and I actually did a lot better than I thought I would have… 

Game 4 was against someone not local…  He brought Bossk and Boba Fett in their YV-666 and Firespray-31’s…  Neat build and if I was NOT running the build specifically designed to deal loads of Damage quickly, I would have been in for a fight…  Unfortunately, he wound up pinging my Y-Wing and then the Ghost a bit before I destroyed both of his ships…  Quickly.  So 2-2 on the day, lessons learned and a few tweaks to be made…  Assuming I fly this list again of course…

The eventual winner was a S&V 4 x Y-Wing with TLT build…  Unfortunate, I know I could have taken that one, but… 

Have to say the weird Astromech I’d never tried before was actually the MVP for at least 3 of the games…  Damage Mitigation was HUGE, changing a 4 Damage hit into a 2 Damage and 2 Stress hit allowed me to get my Proton Torpedoes into play, and with the Guidance Chips, they are almost “Dominion” (from STAW) in their accuracy and power…  Every time I fired, I got at least 3 Hits/Crits, most of the time it was 4…  And going after the Ghost I was hitting Hull for the Crits…