Saturday, March 19, 2016

Armored Gopher X-Wing SC and actual interviews!

So, have the Armored Gopher X-Wing Store Championship in a few hours…  And Wave 8 arrived just in time J …  So I’ll be going with the following:

SC 4 pre Rebellion (100)
Hera Syndulla — VCX-100
Accuracy Corrector
Autoblaster Turret
Intelligence Agent
Nien Nunb
Anti-Pursuit Lasers
Ship Total: 49

"Zeb" Orrelios — Attack Shuttle
Ship Total: 18

Gray Squadron Pilot — Y-Wing
Twin Laser Turret
Extra Munitions
Proton Torpedoes
Guidance Chips
Ship Total: 33

Technically 3 ships, but in practice only 2.  The Ghost and Phantom will likely spend their time docked allowing for the second Turret shot and the rear arc on the base 4 Dice Primary…  The Y-Wing has the 2 shots with the Proton Torpedoes and the TLT to keep him annoying until he dies.  R4-D6 is just the “I had an extra point” and figured that might be amusing to stop big Damage from hitting.  I intend to play it hyper aggressively per usual, and with Hera’s ability to change her Dial on reveal combined with the Intel Agent and Nien Numb to get more Green on the dial should allow me to avoid a fair number of Swarm blockers and maybe put myself into a good position to mess up Aces…  For them I also have the guaranteed 4 Damage if I can get to Range 1 at least…  Figure I can even try for the maximum damage of 7 against other Large Based ships…  But in any case, I’ll be flying a pair of my favorite ships in an event that I’m just out to have fun in J  Already have the Range Ruler prize…  So if I do well, great, else I’ll get in a bunch of games with a mellow and fun group…  Assuming it stays true to form at the Gopher…  Tends to be a LOT more mellow there.  Not that the heavier competition is a BAD thing mind, just different mindset required.

On the job front…  Well, I apparently was wrong when I thought I was  applying for a job I was not perhaps qualified for…  I have an interview coming up…   Well, it’s next Month, so nothing immediate.  Not really getting my hopes up too much of course, but since this one involves the interview followed by a lunch meeting with the “Executive Director” types in the place I am interviewing…  Oh, and as part of their “would you like an interview?” mail they let me know the starting salary…  It is quite a bit higher than my current one, so it would be REALLY nice getting that of course…  Especially with my current level of frustration in the organization I am currently working.  OK, so that might not be completely true…  I am REALLY liking the recent change to “IT Director” in Psych…  THAT part is going well and that is definitely the direction I am wanting my career to continue.  Waiting on that to become official before commenting further J…  If it does, that being the major point of annoyance for me.  There are a few above me in the Org Chart who have voiced opposition to promoting ANYONE in the current organization, so I am suspecting that they might well derail a lot of folks career paths before a bunch of us actually leave.  With the budget impasse in the State, there has been almost no movement which has allowed behavior like that to continue without causing irreparable harm to the organization, but it might just be on the surface.  I KNOW several of the folks who left did so because of the above behavior, and the recent exit interviews have apparently been fairly negative.  I guess we’ll see if anything changes or if it goes on like this…  If that is the case, I suspect that the Budget clearing up will look like a dam bursting with a group of the younger IT Staff moving to new jobs elsewhere in the University…  Ideally of course I’ll be watching from my new position of Associate Director that other organization J