Monday, April 25, 2016

Quick S&V AAR for a test game...

A quick AAR from a very quick game against Allan…  He brought a pretty good Imperial Ace list, the same one he’s been flying for a bit…  Whisper, Fel and a Zeta Leader, all kitted out.  So PS 9,9, 7 which matches me…  I won Imitative, had him go first since I was sick of Aces arc dodging my lists all the time…  I might have taken the Player 1, but positioning is important…  Dengar with his dare them to joust just to get the potential 2 shots and one extra dice of Damage…  Tel is a Torpedo boat to get in front if needed, but she is a threat, in fact she wound up doing a LOT of damage. 

Jumpmasters 1 (100)
Dengar — JumpMaster 5000
Engine Upgrade
Punishing One
Ship Total: 56

Tel Trevura — JumpMaster 5000
Proton Torpedoes
Extra Munitions
R4 Agromech
Hull Upgrade
Ship Total: 44

It was a quick game, both of us more or less jousted and saw what our lists could do…  Dengar is awesome if someone decides to joust him…  Range 1, 4 Dice Attack when he is attacked, +1 Dice if I choose and then his normal Attack…  Whisper died in a single turn to that.  Even getting the Cloak back, my Attack Dice were hot and his Defense were not as much…   But Tel erased the TIE/FO and wound up getting in some Damage on Fel to kill the Stealth Device and put some Damage on the Hull… 

An interesting rules issue being “what happens if Dengar is destroyed?”  In ANY case other than Simultaneous (Same Pilot Skill) Attack, he’s just die…  Weird interaction if the same skill…  As written Dengar gets an opportunity to attack back…  So, BEST case for him is he has Imitative, shoots first then dies to the counter attack…  THEN I’d say he gets the opportunity to hit back before he dies, else…  Well, not good.  In any case, I got hit by the Critical reducing my PS to 0...  Did survive Fel's Attack in any case, so did not matter as I wound up getting the 2 Range 1 shots, the R5-P9 AND a Proton Torpedo to kill the TIE Interceptor...  Not a lot survives that much firepower...

 So, something to keep in mind, but with PS 9, he SHOULD be shooting first more often than not… 

One thing I am concerned about would be a Swarm setup…  Pretty sure that will be a bad matchup for me.  But the Proton Torpedoes are a decent answer for TIEs at least…  So, I should be able to kill one or two easily enough.  I get to Arc Dodge a bit as well…  Means I NEED to fly well, and honestly hope I do not end up matched against Tyler J…  Debating the Dead Man’s Switch on Tel just as insurance here…  Then bumping and blowing up only to survive (hopefully) for a bit longer at least…  Dengar to hunt the sides of the board I guess…  The dials on the Jump Master are REALLY good…  Almost as good as the YT-2400 honestly…  And with the S-Loop, I would probably argue every bit as good… 

Need to get them finished for the repaint I guess…  This weekend looks good J