Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Keep Moving, You'll Be Fine"

So, Friday was a VERY good day for me.  Pretty thoroughly reset my attitude.  Figured it was time to shrug and keep moving, I’ll be fine.  Was the advice given to me by a Drill SGT and my first Squad Leader when I was in.  Kept me going when I was in the Ft Benning School for Belligerent Boys, and probably through most of my rougher patches over the years.  Since this was just mental and nothing at all physical in some ways it was easier I guess.  Just took that moment to get me off my ass and moving again.  Still looking for another job, but time to get back to doing mine.  Keep moving, I’ll be fine.  Work on interviewing and get it through my head that I need to move beyond proving I can do everything myself if it came down to it.  Hard lesion for me, I’ve ALWAYS done “lead by example” and I do not have my people do anything I cannot or will not do.  That was just the way things worked.  Guess if I am going higher into actual “management” it is time to let go of the “Squad Leader/Platoon SGT” mentality and become a proper “officer”.  In any case, time to stand back up and get back to succeeding in my current position…

Was also my Anniversary, and THAT was really quite nice.  Still amazed my wife chose me, and working hard to justify her faith in me.

Had the “Hanger Bay” event today, went over quite well…  A dozen or so folks shewed up and we got almost everyone some decent prizes and hopefully several fun games in.  Next I guess is an Escalation event over at Titan on the 4th of December.  I’ll try to get there, but Armada the next weekend in Bloomington.  I don’t want to game TOO much, but :-)…  We’ll see I guess.