Friday, January 13, 2017

Thus it begins... Work, Work Out and even some Gaming I guess :-)

Beginning of the Semester is always fun, but this is my first with severely reduced Staff…  And I am finding the shortcomings of the SCCM automation that we are using.  Well, not so much shortcomings, in GENERAL the stuff works brilliantly…  Just in my case as I try to apply this en masse it begins to show the chokepoints quite clearly.  The networking in my main building is fairly “ad hoc” and as such there are always going to be some odd cases…  Just when one of them is affecting several of my large Classrooms…  Well, it becomes an issue.  In any case, the support from our local SCCM expert has been quite helpful and I have to admit that he is one of those I hired and snagged for my Region that I was always the most proud of.  His ability to so quickly pick up technical skills combined with his excellent work ethic and customer support skills have made him one of the most valued members of our team.  Great to have him, and I know this current effort would have been substantially more difficult without his efforts on my behalf.

But in any case 99% ready with Windows 10 replacing Windows 7 in my Classrooms…  Just in time for my eye surgery…  Tuesday is the only day it could be done.  Sucks, but honestly at this point my eyesight in my left eye is pretty much nonexistent and driving me nuts always “kind of” seeing things moving in my peripheral vision.  Not to mention the fairly constant pain from the eye strain and headaches…  So, hopefully it goes well and this will correct it.  Since my father JUST had both of his done, it seems a consequence of my many injuries to that side that I get to have this done 20-25 years early.

Working out VERY regularly and the 20 minute runs on the Elliptical are actually getting easier all the time.  NOT running really yet, but I am getting my endurance back.  Strength training is going quite well also.  Getting back to the levels I was when I was actually in shape.  Never going to be able to run 20 miles in full gear/armor again I suspect, but at least the 5K coming up in the spring should not kill me. 

Gaming?  Armada a few times and we’re gearing up to run the “Correlian Conflict” campaign.  Playing Rebels of course.  I actually have that written on my arm.  “Ní Bhóna Ná Choróin” Irish/Scot Gaelic for “Neither Collar Nor Crown”, something associated with the Rebels there, or so I am told J…  But I have my list fairly well set for that with the Assault Cruiser, Assault Frigate and a Modified Pelta Class Assault Ship…  So, going with the theme of “Assault” to keep with my “slightly” more aggressive Garau nature I guess..  Oh, and heavy Fighters to go with the heavy Fighter/Bombers with Rogue on all of them so they can run independent and not need to be driven by my Ship’s commands…

X-Wing coming up next weekend as well…  Since there will be money on the table I suspect that I’ll run my Imperial list with the 2 TIE Defenders along with the TIE Bomber…  Solid list against most things, although it DOES rely heavily on at least average Agility Dice to avoid damage…  When I lose, that is usually it.  Higher risk to go with the higher reward per usual.  Just picked up the TIE Striker and it is “neat”…  I’ll likely repaint it as a “Narn” ship (B5) with the Red/Black patterns…  Large flat surfaces just like their ships I think…