Wednesday, July 19, 2017

X-Wing builds for the next events... MK II

So, ran the Dengay/Nym build #1 and it was successful against a triple Skurrg list.  Both of us testing things though so pretty sure that Tony figured out that particular problem and will I think not be doing that again…  My lads both had PTL.  Dengar used it a LOT, but the JM5K is a stupidly good ship with an amazing dial.  That build WAS over 50 points, but with a 3 Dice PWT and the Salvaged Astromech making all of the 3 moves Green for the Boost and Barrel Roll to dodge arcs on a Large Based ship?  Also the Pilot ability allowing me to just line up a Joust and dare them to shoot so I can shoot back…  It IS a damage race, and with both of my ships having multiple chances to cause Damage each turn I think I am positioned quite well in the race.

So, version 2:
Dengar Nym (100)
Captain Nym (Scum) — Scurrg H-6 Bomber
Veteran Instincts
Autoblaster Turret
Bomblet Generator
Advanced Sensors
Ship Total: 39

Dengar — JumpMaster 5000
Push the Limit
Extra Munitions
Cad Bane
Unhinged Astromech
Cluster Mines
Engine Upgrade
Punishing One
Ship Total: 61

Dengar gets even more expensive…  But it seemed a shame to completely ignore CPT Nym’s secondary Pilot ability.  Throwing out Cluster Mines to give me free Evades?  Yes please.  And of course I have effectively added “Target Locks” to the Mines/Bombs to force in even more damage.  It should do quite well against a lot of the Ace types like say, Fenn Rau…  Fenn might live through a single hit, in fact it is incredibly unlikely that a single Bomb would take him out…  But 2 have a pretty decent chance to do so.  And of course after the single Bomb, he HAS to be cautious.  Nym with the Advanced Sensors is going to be tricky.  Getting to Barrel Roll before moving should make Bombing Runs a normally hitting thing.  Especially going at PS 10 and frankly going “Zero Foxtrots” on the Bombs thanks to Genius and his own Pilot Ability.  Bump?  Fine, I still hit the Ship I bump into.  Not like I have a bunch of Friendlies in the area to be worried about, so there should be Bombs hitting EVERY turn. 

No Regen here, so it really IS a Damage Race.  I have to go in, hit hard and fast.  Hopefully killing them off faster than they can kill me of course J.  A LOT different than any build with Miranda/Poe/etc… 

Not sure what else I could pair with Nym on the S&V side.  The Lancers look interesting of course…  Fenn and either a JM5K Bumpmaster or maybe a Kihraxz when that upgrade hits…  Dunno.  Dengar is working REALLY well, so likely will be going with this for the next events…