Friday, October 6, 2017

X-Wing, Titan League month 2

So, gearing up for Sunday...  Looking like I am flying the version of Brobots I am copying from the UK:

And I've repainted the ships

So, at least my lads will look like one of MY Squadrons on the field.  Betting they'll be the only Aggressors out there as well, but I think this is a decent "counter meta" list.  Hits...  Well, hitting hard is not the point.  Control via Ion is.  It should be able to tag almost any ship in the game as long as I do not get completely out flown and Arc Dodged...  Even then, lower PS should allow me to rush in, drop the Cargo and Stress and potentially Damage them.  Stress is huge though.  Once Stressed, if I can then Ion them?  That ship is pretty much done if it is not rescued in some way.

But we'll see I guess...  It will be VERY fun I think to go in against some of the other Squads...