Monday, November 6, 2017

X-Wing Theory crafting for this weekend

               Weird(ish) list…  But I do think this will work.  Looking at what to take to Matoon, and thinking it’ll be something weird like this:

Guri with Adv Sensors and PTL to be REALLY squirlly.  The maneuvers I can do with that potentially are just bloody insane.  Cobrabane is PS 11, Agility 3, Cloaking, Harpoon Missile…  EVERYTHING in a single Fighter really.  N’Dru in his “Guided Missile” mode…  Nothing special, just there to go forth and do loads of damage.  Once.  Assuming he makes it TO the target.

No bid, but with PS 11, do I care?  Not really...  Something different than my last "cute" build.  Not subtle, don't care about control.  Control of the board is easier if you simply kill every opposing Fighter...  Some Defense here.  Guri should be slippery as hell, so Arc Dodging, albeit at PS 5...  So it will take some skill I suspect to REALLY avoid much...  Cobrabane is loaded for bear.  Kind of a Swiss Army build, but SO much he can do.  At least it will be a fun build I think...