Monday, June 17, 2019

X-Wing, Mid June before the points adjustments...

So…  Waiting on the next points update…  Still.  Seems like we are in a stage of “solved meta” and kind of stagnating a bit. 

Might be a bit long, but we chat quite a bit…  And one of my cats even gets to the cast J 

Playing has mostly been my Jedi + Filler…  2 Torrents, 1 ARC or a third Jedi…  Though the 3rd Jedi must be fairly lean and therefore far less resilient in general…  I say in general of course because with the 3 Agility that third Aethersprite MIGHT just dodge everything and survive…  It does happen on occasion.  NOT something to count on, and frankly that third Aether is really just there to support the main 2.  In my case Anakin and Mace with 7B/R2.  Thematically I would LOVE to fly Anakin and Ashoka as the cost is the same but +1 I and that third Force point are simply too good.  Ashoka’s ability is great, so long as your Force does not run out.  With only 2 though and regenerating only 1/turn I tend to run through it too quickly for my own good.  And Mace allows me to be a bit more aggressive which does suit my play style far more.  Anakin is still absolutely the best ship in the game for me.  When my luck holds and I play it smart, it is unbeatable.  J  When I make a mistake however…  Well, the game does tend to end a lot quicker.  Finding a lot of my games going to time with the Republic. 

Still waiting on the Wave 4 stuff…  Assuming that the points update will coincide with the now delayed release…  Will see I suppose.  Should revitalize the game a lot…  And the next “wave” of Hyperspace trials are getting scheduled, and looking like I’ll be heading to Springfield in October…  After the Continentals or whatever the big event there is called now, Grand Championship?  Whatever, I’m in the first flight on Friday so we’ll see how well my Jedi fare there…  Will see if there are any other local events coming up…

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