Friday, October 11, 2019

Springfield, Day 1

Spoiler, I made the cut...  No streams, but the event is up on the 

I ran:

Boba Krassis 2 (199)
Boba Fett — Firespray-class Patrol Craft
Lone Wolf
Jamming Beam
Proximity Mines
Stealth Device
Slave I
Ship Total: 116
Half Points: 58 Threshold: 5

Krassis Trelix — Firespray-class Patrol Craft
Snap Shot
Seismic Charges
Ship Total: 83
Half Points: 42 Threshold: 5

Turns out that the Swarms and Aces REALLY do not like seeing this list…  Also turns out that the Jedi are really a hard counter to this list J  At least the way I played it…  Since I am almost certain to run into Jedi Sunday in the cut, I will have to adjust how I set up and play the game…  In any case, I finally won Regionals Dice J 

Game one was against Republic Beef, Mark Tippet ran 3 ARCs and 2 Y-Wings...  It did not go well for the Republic.  Bombs and Snap Shot were rough and Boba was amazing...  Did lose shields on him, but cleared the Beef...  Eventually.  It was a great game to start the event against a great player to play against and us old folks have to stick together :-)...

Game 2 was against a Vader/Steele/TIE Reaper list...  Turns out, Aces HATE Snap Shot and Bombs...  Vader took 2 from Snap and then a Hit/Crit from a Proximity Mine...  Died the next turn...  Steele was the same thing, more or less...  4 Dice shot from the Auto Blaster finished him off...  The Reaper died early because it was the easier target...

3-4 were against Jedi lists...  :-)  And that was where I stumbled and JUST barely made the cut...

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