Sunday, December 4, 2011

1500 point level!

So, we're moving to 1500 points and I know that I am facing Necrons...  New codex, good player, so this should be interesting at least...

I'll probably field something like this:

Logan Grimmar
Wolf Priest (Saga of the Hunter, runs with the Terminators)
Rune Priest (Tempest Wrath? and maybe Jaws of the World Wolf or Lightning)
Wolf Guard (6 in Terminator armor, various combi weapons, Wolf Claws, one with CML)
Wolf Guard (3, various weapons mounted in Razorback)
2 Wolf Scout units (Melta, Plasma Pistols, etc...)
2 Long Fang Squads (ML's, HB's a Plasma Cannon or two...  One squad loaded into Razorback)

Light on Troops IMO...  But with a REALLY solid shooting core with some pretty decent HtH backing it up.  And then there is the 2 squads of Scouts lurking in the background...

Not sure about the Rune Priest, but looking at potentially loads of skimmers...  So, the 100 points maybe to add to Wolf Guard?