Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Silly GK list for local tournament...

Never actually played this, but...

Grand Master Mordrak and 5 Ghost Knights(425)
Librarian w/Warp Rift, Sanctuary, Might of Titan (165)
Purifier Squad 4 Psycannon, Halberds, Rhino (335)
Terminator Squad, Psycannon (225)
Strike Squad, Psycannon, Razorback w/ TLLC (190)
2 Dreadnoughst, 2 x TLAC and uber ammo (135 x 2)
Dreadknight, Teleporter and heavy flamer (235)

Gives me a Grand Master for silliness...  Strike Squad could easily be swapped for another Terminator squad (I REALLY like Terminator armor...) as I do not really think the SS does much of anything the way I'd play it.  Mordrak's unit with the Librarian can deep strike on turn one without deviation for a REALLY aggressive backfield strike (Vortex of Doom perhaps?)...  The DN's and Dreadknight advance with the Terminator squad if they need to...  Silly list, but it might work out fairly well...  Or at least I can transport it easily on the bike :-)