Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Squat (Ork) madness...

So, not at all sure that I will be able to bring a second "Battlewagon"...  I DO have the second MK I Land Raider (Spartan) dusted off, and since it looks like I'll be trucking it in rather than riding the old Silverwing I'll certainly HAVE the room to do so...  So, maybe...

Warlord (War Boss) w/Mega Armor, Cybork, Attack Squig...  So, the ancient Exo Armor..
Exo Armor suits (5 Meganobz, Troops)
  Battlewagon (Roller, red, armor, claw, plank and riggers, 1 big shooter)

Engineer (Mek, force field)
DN (Deff Dread 2 rocket launchers, Troops)

The Boys (Boyz, 30 w/ 3 RL's one on Nob w/ PF)
Thunderers (Lootas, 12)
RT DN's (3 Killa Kans, RL's/DN CCW)
War Bikers 5, 1 Nob w/ PF)
Thunderers (Tankbustas, 5)

So, a moving "blob" kind of...  The boys will envelop the tank bustas and protect the flanks of the Battlewagon.  The Kans and DN will move with them to take advantage of the force field.  The Thunderers will occupy terrain and stand still shooting...  Maybe this time they will even get some shots in the first 3 turns...  Bikes probably reserve or run a flank as light Cav...  So, subtle :-)

The other option is a second Battlewagon, drop the Boys to 20 to let them ride...  Give up the Tankbustas, and that's about it...  Thinking the tankbustas are going to be pretty worthless, so could swap burnas in maybe for the same point cost...  Flame Throwers or Rockets at BS 2...  So, 3 options I guess...  The 2 Battlewagons with the DNs escorting could be a REALLY devastating thing to the locals who are not used to AV 14 transports...

Dunno, but it is amusing seeing the horde of Space Dwarves and RT era DNs hitting the table...