Monday, March 25, 2013

Are monkeys writing the FAQ for 40K? Do they even play the bloody game?

Thinking about fielding my Wolves, so I snagged the January FAQ (latest for them)...  The one change is that if a Wolf Scout unit has an IC OR an assigned Wolf Guard Pack Leader, they lose the ability to go behind enemy lines.  Understandable if it is the IC, this was the case in the previous edition, but now the WGPL?  Wow, it wasn't enough to take away the ability to go to Assault and actually use the Melta bombs they can buy or be safe briefly and give every army out there the ability to probably kill 3-4 of them with the Quad Guns firing Interceptor as the Wolves have NO BLOODY FLIERS of their own.  Oh, we CAN get an ace :-)  For all the fliers we do not have...  All I can say is wow.  GW had an excellent opportunity with the "Death From the Skies" book to get fliers out to all the armies and some form of AA to the armies lacking it but instead we get a $37 FAQ adding the Fliers to SOME armies, but not fixing anything really and being really a disappointment overall for the players out here.

So, no Fliers, no AAA, neutered Wolf Scouts and Wolf Guard...  Hmmm, wonder how well the Wolves will do in our local environment?  Not really.  No defense whatever against the Heldrake or tank lines I see across the table, no really compelling reason to field them really...  A bit of a caffeine inspired rant as I am snowed in, but really kind of confusing and disappointing...