Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eldar next?

So, bored with most of my other stuff, and trying to come up with something to fit into the saddle bags of the bike...  So, Eldar it is...

Wraithguard (10, Spiritseer)
Pathfinders (5)
War Walkers (3, Scatter lasers)
Wraithlord (flamers, Shur Cannon or Sword)

Wraithseer (D Cannon)
Wraithguard (10, Spiritseer)
Pathfinders (5)
Wraithlord (EML)
Support Weapon (D Cannon)

So, one has the uber wizard, the rock unit and a few walkers, etc...  Small army, but hard to kill...  War Walkers throw out a LOT of shots, Guide is possible...  As is Doom...  Second one is similar, the Wraithseer makes the Wraiths REALLY annoying with FnP, Fleet, etc...  And a few D-Cannons are never really bad...  So, 20 or so models, and I think other than Demons I could team up pretty well with most of the other players...  Both could be pretty good at low numbers of objectives with the ability to hold in place pretty darn well, and kill points are easy with such low numbers...  OTOH, any army that can throw out a LOT of fire, well...  :-)  At least it'll be a short game...