Monday, October 13, 2014

So, when DOES 8th Edition hit?

So, been reading a few of the gaming blogs that I normally read and there has been a trend I noticed…  There have been a lot of folks noticing the GENERAL power level and balance of the Codices is actually quite good…  As long as you completely ignore the giant elephants in the room of the Eldar and to a lesser extent the Tau books.  Now, a number of the writers are approaching this from the “competitive” perspective where taking anything but the All Star/best of breed/most stupidly under costed units is just silly.  Money on the table and all making this a “less friendly” game and all.  Not like high stakes poker money mind, but the principle is exactly the same.

I don’t really have any answers or anything of course, but given the current situation where there is one particular Army with one HUGE glaring UC unit and a bunch of things that are simply better than the baseline for the game in the standard Marine…  The game is just not really much worth playing at this time.  Yes, you can still play and even have fun, so I am NOT saying drop it like it is cursed or anything…  Just that as soon as one side breaks out the tier one list, the game is pretty much over (“What if they held a war and only one side showed up” a quote attributed to Lucifer from Robert Asprin’s Myth series) for the other side if they do not also have such a list.  So long as there is an understanding and NO ONE brings the uber lists, you can have a fun game and both sides might well be competitive.  Then it comes to dice and skill, and I think overall WK has done an excellent job.  Overall, but until they send Vinnie and Guido with a Nerf Bat to have a little chat with the two armies in particular and there is a complete rebalancing of those forces…  Well, the game itself is broken and I know I am not alone in the “let’s see what happens in the longer term, until then let’s play ‘X’”…  So, excellent articles here ( here ( and (  Common theme there for me being several of the armies I’d actually LIKE to play and how I kind of feel “Why Bother” breaking them out, packing them up and heading to the Gopher to get stomped into dust by pretty much anything I’d face.  Mind, I might do well against some.  There is a young lady playing a very colorful Chaos Demon force that could easily go either way, though I would consider myself the underdog as she can minimize the random silliness and just make me roll armor saves with each casualty being bad and grind me out of existence.  Sadly that is about the only army I can think of offhand that I would not be immediately outclassed with.  Painfully and obviously.  IG (or whatever they are called, IA in the older days) has the tanks and special weapons to wipe me in a few turns.  Marines have Grav weapons and bikes to move wherever…  Wolves have…  Well, no one locally playing them anymore except me and that is why J…  Eldar and Tau?  Beaucoup shots, too many of which are able to simply ignore my 2+ save…  And even without that, having so many shots and given the game mechanic of 1/6 fails whatever you are attempting means that weight of fire (“Quantity has a Quality all its own” one I’ve heard attributed to Stalin) will simply win every time.  So, Terminator based forces, even 30K ones are mostly dead at this time.  30K, I CAN bring them in Land Raiders or Spartans that ignore Melta, attach Medics, etc. making them ALMOST viable.  Assuming that the TO is OK mixing 30K and 40K armies in a League/Event…  Still die to the Xenos avalanche of dice though, so it is not even the answer in the longer run, just something that might work once or twice…

So, basically I shelved my DA (Consecrators) force long ago.  Not long after the new Codex hit honestly.  I played it in a League or two, but with some stupid scenarios (NONE of which were the fault of the local organizer, this is all GW) highlighting just how stupidly under powered or over costed the DA really were, especially with the Vanilla Marines book hitting soon after and getting everything the DA could do, but better and cheaper.  Being hit with IG forces that could come on from any table edge (table was a narrow platform) with rending las guns and squads that could respawn when I finally killed them all to come back the next turn with full squads again…  Not even a little fun.  The Ravenwing player getting wiped by the swarm of Heldrakes pretty well drove him from the game as well…  Yeah, the $50 book still irks me there.  Vanilla Marines are a good book, and I enjoyed playing them.  Until it became painfully obvious that the Marine as a baseline for the game was surpassed by the Tau and Eldar in every way.  Now, the Marines CAN in some lists compete in a fairly limited fashion against a well build tier one list, but overall?  My Crimson Fists are playable, but still a HUGE long shot against most.  White Scars bikers are decent, and until you hit the Chaos player who brought a Heldrake or two you will likely do well.  Against them?  No.

But looking at the GK and DE, things have been brought more in line…  And omitting the problem armies?  7th edition has the potential to be an extremely well balanced and fun game.  If it survives.  Not really sure what to hope for myself, an eventual rebalancing when the NEXT edition of the T&E books come out, or the whole thing to crash and a complete rebuild?  First one I think, but when will that happen?  Last two Armies with soft cover books are due in the next few Months…  Are the priorities at GW the same as mine?  Um, no…  But I would hope they recognize that this IS an issue and should be corrected for the long term viability of the game…  J  Yes, I doubt it too, but just typing between meetings here so why not shoot for the moon?

Does bring me to Warmachine…  Again.  First time I got into the game it was back when WM started up, and I was still getting over the silliness of 40K third edition and being involved with some of the hyper competitive tournaments back then.  WM was NOT balanced by any means, but it had potential.  And eventually it did become a fun and balanced game.  So, back playing that game now and seeing how nice it is.  Haven’t actually seen the Ghordson Earthbreaker, but will probably end up with one…  Even if I have to trade off some FW stuff or MtG J…  Finding I have a LOT more of that than I remembered.  Guessing that quitting drinking a few years back has been quite helpful in that (among other) respect…  But, need to trade for or pick up some of the Warjacks and the Earthbreaker looks like it will be one to have on the shelf at least. 

Guess this is a long rambling way of asking: “So, when’s 8th Edition hitting” or at least “When are the new Tau and Eldar books due?”