Monday, October 5, 2015

X-Wing Day @ Gopher AAR

All in all, an excellent day….  Only minor negative was the late start, and the post tournament chat I think it was decided that the earlier start time would be the one going forward…  Not getting started until almost 5:30 meant that with 75 minute rounds, it was getting late after 3 rounds.  Now, had they been 3 “highly contentious” rounds, I would have likely not had a good day in terms of enjoying the tournament…  NOT the case at all, ran against 3 excellent opponents, and enjoyable games at least for me…  I wound up running my KYY list with Miranda’s K-Wing, Horton’s Y and a Gold Squadron Y both with TLT and a Seismic Charge (Horton had the R2 unit for the Elite Talent and Marksmanship).  Solid, nothing flashy.

What did I take from this?  Well, I was right that a mirror match or close to it was going to be a hard one to win, and whoever got in the first better than average shot/round of shooting was going to win.  Horton’s Y-Wing loaded out with the Marksmanship was an Ace killer.  No two ways about it.  They vaporized a VERY well put together Soonter Fel in a single round of shooting between the Y and Miranda’s K-Wing.  The Decimator fell shortly after to the consistent 6 points/turn damage the list throws out.

That consistent damage is also the weakest point I think.  It is pretty much the MAXIMUM damage the list can do, barring something REALLY odd like them hitting my bombs and somehow ending up at R1 of one or more ships for me to potentially roll a single 3 Dice attack and MAYBE do more…  Possible, but unlikely in the extreme.  Facing off against Patrick’s K-Wing, Horton and Biggs list I found myself not being able to focus fire quickly enough before taking a loss…  Then it was just a matter of time.  I NEED to be able to throw down a lot more than just 2 Damage/Turn to deal with this sort of thing.

Looking at a S&V list with an Aggressor that can dodge the TLTs AND do 4 Damage/turn combined with 2 of the Y’s with TLT…  That or an Aggressor with the Y’s…  Think I’ll have a hard time dealing with the Ace builds with either.  Looking over some Rebel builds, likely need to have Ordinance I think, and frankly, even with the Extra Munitions card still not convinced that Ord is worth it…  Discard on most everything makes for a really hard sell for me.  Dunno, maybe Miranda’s K-Wing, Horton and…  Poe is the obvious choice for me, fun to fly and potentially deadly…  B-Wings are always viable…  Think with the Tournament Scoring change, the YTs are going to be difficult.  Frankly not all that hard to kill off a 2400, and the 1300 dies to the TLT I think… 

Anyway, heading out tonight to get in either X-Wing or Armada games…  Will see, hopefully the ancient bike is still working well and at the least I’ll get in some good riding time…