Sunday, February 28, 2016

Titan SC AAR...

So, went random, more or less…  One of the guys at Titan saw me trying to decide which list I should play and he pointed at one list and he said I should play that one…  So, thanks Will!  I never played this list before and it REALLY did quite well…

KavilKCobra (100)
Kavil — Y-Wing
Twin Laser Turret
Unhinged Astromech
Engine Upgrade
Ship Total: 35

Black Sun Ace — Kihraxz Fighter
Cluster Missiles
Ship Total: 32

Talonbane Cobra — Kihraxz Fighter
Ship Total: 33

There were 25 players at the start of the event, so would be 5 rounds…  A LONG day, and there were a number of other lads from the University IT crowd there…  Tony made it to the end I know, but I lost track of Palmer and Stu at some point…  Honestly, by the 5th game I was making stupid mistakes and felt like my brain was melted…  I ended up going 3-2 over the day, and even my losses were not total, so it was a surprisingly good day for the Kihraxz Fighters…  Talonbane Cobra was a beast in several of my wins…  Getting a 5 Dice attack at Range one makes it REALLY powerful, and Glitterstem at the right point along with Predator for re-rolls…  Very accurate fire, and at PS 9 going pretty close to the first ships each turn…. 

My first game was against a new player…  She flew fairly well, but my list was designed to take down big ships and hurt low PS ships…  Unfortunately for her my list was the hard counter for hers.  I killed Boba Fett quickly and then hunted down the 4 PS 1 TIEs in short order. 

Game two was against a really good player running Super Dash and 4 Z-95’s….  I knew my only real chance was to run at his YT-2400 and try to burn it down quickly…  So, on turn 2 I had Cobra in Range one and the Black Sun Ace at Range 2 with a Target Lock on Dash…  All 3 of my ships hit him hard, and his Defense Dice were not with him…  My Black Sun Ace died soon after to the Z-95’s…  Well worth it in the trade for me…  Talonbane and Kavil were able to fairly easily hunt down the 4 Z-95’s and so a good win keeping me at Table one… 

Then I faced Fred’s list…  Emperor in a Shuttle, Vader in the TIE Advanced and Soonter Fel I think…  NOT so good for my list.  I DID kill off the Shuttle, but he forced a bump with BOTH of my K’s at a critical moment which killed the Ace and that was pretty much it…  Frankly my list would never have beaten the Aces I think, but I might have actually killed a second one without that error on my part… 

Game 4 was against a very similar list, Palpmobile, Vader and Whisper…  This time I used what I learned in the previous game and it went a LOT better…  I did lose the Ace and Kavil eventually, but the Shuttle got killed QUICKLY as nothing much stands in the way of the 5 Dice attack of the Cobra…  Then it came to an Ace duel between Whisper and the Cobra…  I was really worried, but the 5 K-turn was REALLY useful and it got me behind her, allowed me to pop Glitterstem and get the 5 Hits/Crits to kill her…  Put me back at the top tables…

Last game was against an interesting build with Kath on her Firespray and a loaded out YB-666…  Here is where I made my stupid errors and got hit by a BAD critical  that killed the Ace before it shot…  His YV was where I messed up the worst…  He hit me for two, I rolled an Evade and Focus…  I should have just taken the one hit, forgetting he had Gunner and Bossk there to shoot again if he missed…  Second shot was with Target Lock and Focus so it hit a LOT harder…  I wound up killing it, but the almost untouched Firespray got me…  Have to say I was pretty much done by then though…  Wound up winning one of the Range Rulers, so thrilled…