Monday, June 27, 2016

TIE Defender builds for the weekend...

Looking at the TIE Defenders…  Got in a test game with the Countess today and she was actually far better than I expected.  Note, with PS 5, her ability to reactively K-Turn was “less useful”.  NOT useless as the Green 5 K-turn cleared a Large Base ship and got me behind it to hunt it down…  But unless people are using the “Party Bus” build or the basic U-Boats at PS 4 I’m probably moving first in any case…  Seeing a LOT of Ace types here so…  But the X7 title was REALLY good.  Not thinking that I’d be using Ordnance on the Defenders much…  The /D with the Cannons will be a good thing I think…  But giving the Defender the free Evade for the 3+ Speed maneuvers is HUGE.  In a 1 on 1 fight, not having to use PTL to get the Focus and Evade on top of the 3 Agility dice… 

So guessing I’ll proxy the second Defender in to get used to the other system setup…  List gets REALLY tight after the 2 big ships, but I am finding the TIE Defender to be about the perfect ship for me in the current meta…  The TIE Advanced Prototype and the TIE Interceptor are both good, fast ships, but REALLY fragile.  Having played AGAINST Aces a lot I am familiar with how they die, and I’m not quite skilled enough to avoid the traps with them myself…  a blocked Soonter Fel is a dead one…  With the Defenders though….  I can usually survive the first hard hit and still get in a few more turns…

Unnamed Squadron (100)
Countess Ryad — TIE Defender
Twin Ion Engine Mk. II
Ship Total: 35

Maarek Stele (TIE Defender) — TIE Defender
Ion Cannon
Ship Total: 41

"Omega Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter
Comm Relay
Ship Total: 24

REALLY hoping the Vets expansion is in before the weekend…