Sunday, June 5, 2016

Titan X-Wing League Month 3 AAR...

League Month 3 AAR… 

EchoInqOmega (100)
"Echo" — TIE Phantom
Veteran Instincts
Fire-Control System
Recon Specialist
Advanced Cloaking Device
Ship Total: 40

The Inquisitor — TIE Advanced Prototype
Push the Limit
Proton Rockets
Ship Total: 34

"Omega Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter
Comm Relay
Ship Total: 26

Well, a LOT smaller, and I wound up being the TO for the event.  Only 6 players, I think I was the sole Imperial player, Allan and Chad were the only Rebel and the rest were S&V… 

Game one I wound up against 2 Contracted Scouts loaded out with Proton Torpedoes and the full “U-Boat” kit…  And Zuckuss with FCS…  Wound up coming in from the flank and trying to simply rush past him as he turned into the big mess of asteroids I set up in the center of the board.  Tripped up Zuckuss and killing him quickly.  I think he got one Torpedo off from each Scout, stripped a few shields but by and large the rocks and the sheer number of Green Dice.  Wound up getting the Phantom behind a Scout and chasing it down.  Not a lot survives the 5 Dice Attack with the TL and likely Focus…  And I was able to dodge arcs REALLY well with my PS 8 trio…  Surprisingly the Proton Rockets were HUGE here, taking the G1A down after Omega Leader stripped a few shields.  But 100-0 win as I hunted them down proving my theory that Imperial Aces beat the U-Boats pretty regularly…

The second game was against Chad’s Rebels…  He fielded a Gold Squadron Y-Wing w/TLT, Biggs with a Damage control Droid/Integrated Mech, Wedge w/ R2/Integrated Mech and Aiden Cracken on his Z-95…  Good Squadron overall…  And he wound up killing my Inquisitor eventually…  HAD to shoot Biggs for a lot of the first round or two, but I wound up simply shooting past them (movement past, NOT actual shooting)…  His Y-Wing ad a REALLY hard time landing shots the whole game, so it was a lot less of a target priority for me.  The Inquisitor and Omega Leader teamed up on Biggs to clear the field…  He wound up running two of his ships over a rock, so shooting unmodified shots at such high Agility is a very difficult thing…  And it worked out for me…  LONG game, we went to time, but I wound up clearing the field for a 100-32 I think?  Can’t really remember honestly…  But by then I was REALLY getting the hang of Echo and I REALLY like that ship…  I wound up crushing both of my TIE ships though…  So need to reattach the wings…  Think it highlighted the difficulty the Rebels have against Imperial Aces…  As it happened, this was a VERY fun/mild form, I suspect that a “real” Ace list would have torn them up a LOT quicker and frankly likely without losses… 

Game 3 was against Allan…  He brought 4 PS 4 Z-95’s and 2 PS 2 Z-95’s with Guidance Chips and Concussion Missiles…  Have to admit I was wiped out by this point and I really just rushed in to get to R1 and ride the Green Dice…  Win quick or die…  I dies J…  I wound up killing 3 of his ships, but an early blank on the Agility for Echo hurt a LOT…  Had I rolled even close to average…  Might have done a LOT better…  Because I closed so quickly he had a hard time getting Missiles off, but the weight of the Swarms Dice…  Well, enough 2-3 Dice attacks will eventually get through…  And my ships are NOT that sturdy.  So, the down side of the high variance build…  Eventually, the odds catch up to you and that’s that… 

All in all, fun event…  Only 6 people showed up though…  So, it might well have changed the results of the League a LOT more than otherwise…  Pretty sure Allan won, but I moved up with my strong placing…  Not going to win, but with the big tie for first after last month, I think I actually passed a number of them…  We’ll see I guess J… 

But Imperial Vets coming “soon” and between the Resistance pack and Wave 9…  a LOT of really exciting things coming to the game.  Should be interesting…