Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crowe and Company…

Well, just picked up the Crowe mini last night, so I hope to get it cleaned, primed and assembled along with a group of the ancient Power Armored (PA) Knights that I'm trying out different paint schemes on as I strip and re-deploy them… Thinking a grey armor with the red trim and left shoulder pad, keeping the helmet and right pad white to denote "Purifier" status… We'll see how they turn out… Just want them different enough from the "standard" silver/chrome look that most people use while keeping it different enough from my ancient RT Wolves in Grey… I did consider the ancient black armor with the silver/grey trim/forearm, but that looks a LOT like my ancient Dark Angels ("Consecrators" now, though I may just do the old DA symbol… I'll get to that eventually… Hoping to get them to Adepticon, so…)… Not wanting to have even more identical Marines haunting my basement…


Castellan Crowe                     150

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor                    25

    Plasma Syphon                    10

    Rad grenades                    15

Purifiers (2*Psycannon, 3 Halberds)    146

    Rhino                            40

Purifiers (2*Psycannon, 3 Halberds)    146

    Rhino                            40

Dreadknight (Tele,Incinerator, HPsy)    265

DN (Assault Cannon/TLAC, Psy ammo)135

For ~972ish of my 1000


So likely swap out the Rad for Psytrope or just add that grenade, Demon Hammer for the Purifier squads, maybe keep the DN a "Rifleman" with the 2*TLAC… Add another Purifier? Swap the Rhinos for Razors and plan for a dismounted Infantry (Dragoons :-)… Mkay, moving the ancient BT novels was probably a bad idea, "Wolf's Dragoons" keep coming up as a recurring theme for me these days) battle… I AM finding that I do miss a LOT of the aspects of the Deathwing, further convincing me that the DW list is a far stronger one especially for a 1000 point team event… 3++ saves everywhere mean no worries about cover, loads of Str 8 AP 3 shots everywhere made a mockery of light/medium Mech lists, and there WAS fast Melta there for the odd Land Raider that ventured too close, and anywhere on the field was too close with scouting Ravenwing :-)… Ah well, the Knights are generally fun armies, I think that at 1500 points and over they will really shine, but low points really hamper their effectiveness… 'course, just my opinions as always, YMMV…