Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First battle with the new Codex…



So, just a quick battle report of sorts… Partners league, but my partner was under the weather, so I paired up with Greg's Eldar Jetbike army against the Chaos/Necron team I played last week. Given the combo of our armies, it was a fairly unfair matchup for them really… The Eldar runes, the Aegis and then the Librarian's Hood meant the Chaos powers were simply not going to happen. All in all, I'd say the big Terminator squad and the Dreadknight were the stars, accounting for a LOT of the kills during the fight.


Librarian    150

    Sanctuary, Might of Titan 10


Termi Squad     400

    2xpsycannon    50

    Psybolt ammo    20

Nemisis DK    130

    Incinirator,    30

    Teleporter    75

DN    2xTLAC, Psy ammo    135


Rough draft of the list… Biggest mistake I made was forgetting the Hammerhand/Might of Titan once I got the lads into HtH… I was thinking that the Str 4 power weapon would be enough after I forgot to cast the bloody power… :-) Yeah, I was wrong of course… But the Dreadknight was really quite impressive, accounting for a full squad of Nurgle Bikers and a Necron Monolith. The Teleporter was REALLY helpful, and since the Knight would otherwise be walking… Unlike a Wraithlord, the heavy weapons are really not the main reason to bring it I think… The Nemisis Fists were impressive on their own really… Looking forward to more playtests…