Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let’s see what happens…

Well, let's see what I can bring to the table here… If Loq brings Land Raiders of Doom, and I bring a light supporting force…


Castellan Crowe 150


Ordo Xenos Inquisitor 25


Plasma Syphon 10


Rad or Psytrope grenades 15


Purifiers (2*Psycannon, 3 Halberds) 146


Rhino 40


Purifiers (2*Psycannon, 3 Halberds) 146


Rhino 40


Dreadknight (Tele,Incinerator,) 235


DN (Assault Cannon/TLAC, Psy ammo)135


This leaves me 67 points… But then I thought, what does Crowe actually bring to the table in this list? Changing the Purifiers to troops, sure, but really at 1000 points and only 2 min size squads… And I think that a Strike Squad in a Rhino to project the 12" bubble of "No Deep Strikers" might be better for the team… So perhaps a Brotherhood Champion substituting for Crowe to ride with Purifiers and the Inquisitors in a Rhino. Strike Squad to sub in for one Purifier squad mostly just for more "troops" and give the 12" protection for the critical few turns to get the whole army across the field…


Brotherhood Champion             100

Xenos Inquisitor                50

Purifier Squad (2 Psycannon, 3 Halb)    146

    Rhino                40

Strike Squad (Psycannon)        110

    Razorback (TLLC)        80

Dreadknight (Teleporter, H Incinirator)    235

Dreadnaught (Ass Cannon, TLAC, Psy)    135


So, ~100 points left over… And perhaps a second Heavy weapon for the DK, more Grenades for the Inq and another Purifier or two? Might need a hammer in the squad too… Also, this would be the first "Terminator free" list I've played in 2 Leagues… But we'll see how well it works out I guess…